Scale Up (Sustainable Social Development Partnership)

Scale Up (Sustainable Social Development Partnership)

Sustainable Social Development Partnership (Scale Up) is an independent institution established to motivate the development of accountable and sustainable social development through dynamic partnerships between civil society, the government and the private sector for the creation of good social lives and order and just social prosperity.

Scale Up was founded on April 13, 2007 by social observers, academicians and non-governmental activists from various disciplinary backgrounds with experience in community empowering policy and programme making and implementation for accountable and sustainable social development. 

Accountable and sustainable social development is closely related and inseparable from natural and human resources development. The human behavior of over-exploiting natural resources has destroyed the natural resource base and the social order of adat and local communities whose livelihoods are dependent on forest resources and their environmental services. That is worsened by continuing social conflicts resulting from the expansion of land appropriation by the private sector, given legal access to by the government. This alarming and growing social phenomenon may turn into a time bomb and aggravate the burden of the poor.

This frightening picture of social conflict and poverty haunting millions of village people in Indonesia results from unjust and unsustainable exploitation of natural resources, marginalisation of local communities, bad governance practices, and environmental calamities. Moreover, the rural poor are threatened by the fact that they may not be able to produce a healthy and bright future generation because they are losing their basic rights to access food, water and energy.

Scale Up believes that one of the important entry points to improve present social conditions is by promoting social responsibility and inducing balanced and democratic communication and collaboration processes among civil society, the government and the private sector, with their different interests, in order to reach a common understanding and platform for transforming social conflicts into equitable and mutually profitable partnership for reducing poverty.


The creation of good social order and just social prosperity through accountable and sustainable dynamic partnership between civil society, the government and the private sector.


  1. Development of an accountable and sustainable social development model based on partnership between multi-stakeholders.

  2. Enhance Knowledge, Understanding and Commitment of the parties to support the process of improvement of accountable and sustainable social development.

  3. Drive improvement of policy and the social responsibility of all parties. 

Main Activities

1. Conflict Resolution and Growth of Cooperation

  • Modify conflict into cooperation with principles of accountability, transparency and democracy.

  • Become reference for parties in partnership in accountable and sustainable social development.

2. Participatory Action Research

  • Conduct various participative research related to the issues of social development, social policy and social conflict.

  • Publish the information and documentation of the processes and the cases of sustained social development founded on partnership through information media.

3. Grow and Strengthen the Capacity of the Parties through education, training and development for society, government circles and the private sector in relation to issues of sustainable development partnership.

4. Enhance the Quality of the Environment. Motivate the social responsibility of the parties to increase the quality of the environment.

Focus Area and Target Group

  • Coastal area of Riau and other Provinces

  • Civil society, the government and the private sector for the creation of a good social order and just social prosperity. 

Stakeholders commit to cooperate:representative of Lubuk Jering village and representative of PT RAPP with mediator Ahmad Zazali
Scale Up
Conflict resolution between PT. Citra Riau Sarana (Wilmar Group) and the adat communities of Kenegerian Pangean
Scale Up