Ogiek Chronology 1991-2001

Ogiek Chronology 1991-2001

1991- 94

  • The Ogiek ancestral lands were opened up for settlement besides the opening of closed schools and gazetting of locations and wards.
  • Exodus of the new settlers to the Ogiek ancestral lands.


  • Issuance of allotment letters which the community rejected.
  • Community holds demonstrations both successfully and unsuccessfully.
  • Highlighted in both print and electronic media.


  • Ogiek petitioned Parliament by presenting a memorandum Conference attendance.
  • The arresting of 67 Ogiek and charge it fabricated charges.
  • Pick of elimination of the Ogiek elites.
  • Private surveyors sent to reinforce the government in a bid to speed up the program.
  • Intense lobbying to the state house by the intended land beneficiaries.


  • Several visits to the Ogiek lands by the Provincial Administration Officials.
  • Ogiek intimidated to file a suit challenging the government.
  • Ogiek file a suit H.C.C.A. No. 635/1997 and won an injunction / court order.
  • Government lobbied to have the titles and thus legitimise the illegal land allocations.
  • President do it on 24th Nov. '97 at Elburgon PCEA primary school.
  • American Press visited Ogiek on 24th Nov. '97.
  • Ogiek suit Applicants warned of possible eliminations if they do not stop challenging the government.
  • Ogiek popularly elected councillors Messrs Daniel K Chessot and Francis R Cheggeh of Mariashni and Nessuit wards were rigged out in favour of collaborative Ogiek by the state machinery under the chairmanships of the provincial administration.


  • Tribal clashes/ethnic cleansing rock the Ogiek ancestral lands which was the sign of assuring the new beneficiaries that they were finally settled.
  • Government interfered with the intended 1st Ogiek suit hearing on 26th Feb. '98.
  • Ogiek suit applicants warned of the impending secret eliminations by the state machinery.
  • Disobedience of the Court order by the government intensified.
  • Government opened up the Bararget forest for settlement on 3rd Aug. '98.
  • Allocation of the same starts officially on 15th Dec. of the same year.
  • Arrests of Ogiek Patriots intensified.
  • Quest for Ogiek to withdraw the case intensified.
  • Formation of tribal clashes inquiry commission.


  • Arrests of Ogiek patriotic youths continued.
  • Ogiek from Tinet are threatened with eviction.
  • Ogiek cases postponed on 11th - 12th May '99.
  • Ogiek patriots and applicants are faced with real threat of elimination, exiles continues forced disappearance and mysterious deaths, false fabricated charges became the order of the day.
  • Formation of land commission


  • Court rules in favour of the government on Tinet case No. HCCA 238/99 ON 23/3/2000.
  • Ogiek from East Mau file Court contempt proceedings against the government for violating the court order on 13th April the same year.
  • OWC opens up an office in Nakuru town against the wishes of state machinery.
  • Fresh demarcations and allocation begins in East Mau.


  • Government issues Gazette Notice of its intension to degazette parts of 14 forests across the country and excise a total of 167,000 hectares.
  • Ogiek from East Mau opposed to the intention and even went to court where they obtained a court order stopping the enforcement of the intended Notice HCCA 238/2001.
  • Nixon Sauna an environmental lawyer file case No CAC 38 /2001 at Eldoret High Court.
  • Environmental NGOs and Church bodies file the same Nairobi. Suit No. 334/2001.
  • Ogiek intensifies the documentation of the activities taking place in their ancestral lands. A book by John Kamau.
  • Ogiek participate in the Constitutional Review Commission. "The Ogiek Stand on The Constitution".
  • Ogiek commissioned out the Environmental and Social Economic Impact Assessment on the damage done too their ancestral land by the Government resettlement programs. The document is not yet out.
  • Government refuses to file a replying affidavit case no 228/2001.
  • Ogiek are constantly harassed and intimidated to drop their cases and quest for justice.
  • On 3/10/2001 the provincial commissioner Rift Valley province Mr Peter Raburu told 40 Ogiek elders in his office to withdraw their cases unconditionally. He further question the OWC offices and their activities. To them they are not comfortable.
  • Secret meeting and fundraising are done by the new settlers.
  • Ogiek suit applicants and other patriotic face renewed threat of physical eliminations if they do withdraw their constitutional suits.
  • Ogiek Cultural activities are disrupted frequently by the officers attach to the both regulate and plain clothes police.
  • A High Court in Eldoret rules in favour of the government. The Court dwelt more on legal technicalities thus allowing the government to proceed on with the excise the proposed forests which has already begun in full swing in total disregard of other pending cases.