A message from the women of Assoumindelé, Cameroon

Women from a village in south east Cameroon say they won’t be able to access a parcel of land that has been allocated to their community as part compensation for land lost to a national reserve.

Un mensaje de las mujeres de Assoumindelé, Camerún

Las mujeres de una aldea situada en el sudeste de Camerún dicen que no contarán con el acceso fácil a una parcela de tierra asignada a su comunidad como parte de una compensación por la pérdida de tierras adjudicadas a una reserva nacional.

Declaration on Land Rights from the Gbabandi Platform, Cameroon

A group of indigenous peoples in Cameroon have released a Declaration calling for respect of their customary tenure rights. It further calls for change from the State and other actors on consent, chiefdoms, benefit sharing and participation.