Guide du parajuriste communautaire environnemental Congolais

En République Démocratique du Congo (RDC), des millions de communautés et de peuples autochtones ne bénéficient pas d'une reconnaissance juridique appropriée de leurs droits en raison de la pauvreté, du manque d'accès à l'information, des stéréotypes et de la stigmatisation.

Forest Peoples Programme Annual Review 2016

Partnership, support and solidarity are key to the work of Forest Peoples Programme. In this time of political turmoil and uncertainty, FPP's underlying philosophy remains that sustained solidarity and support for specific struggles are the most effective pathway to enduring change.

Indigenous and Afro-Descendant peoples pushing for peace in Colombia: "Between hope and despair"

Final Synthesis Report for a collaborative project financed by the Norwegian Embassy in Colombia and The Kingdom of the Netherlands (2014-2017). This report synthesizes the outcomes of a two-year, innovative, peoples-driven project that brought together Indigenous and Afro-Descendent communities in Colombia whose gold-rich ancestral lands are coveted and threatened by outside actors.