Propriété communautaire au Kenya – Risques et possibilités

La présentation jointe (disponible uniquement en anglais) a été exposée lors d’un « Forum communautaire sur la réduction des menaces à la sécurité foncière des communautés au Kenya », qui s’est tenu à Nairobi les 14 et 15 juin 2018.

Where next for the Sengwer and the EU WaTER Project?

The violence the Sengwer have been experiencing at the hands of KFS has continued, but a series of subsequent events and reports have emphasised that a radical restructuring of the EU funded WaTER projects is required before it can be resumed. 

Qu’adviendra-t-il des Sengwer et du projet WaTER de l’UE ?

Les violences subies par les Sengwer aux mains du KFS se sont poursuivies, mais plusieurs événements et rapports qui ont suivi les faits ont souligné qu’une refonte complète du projet WaTER financé par l’UE est nécessaire avant qu’il ne puisse reprendre.

Call to respond to the threats to the Sengwer

A powerful press conference was held this morning, 4 January 2018, in Nairobi, attended by over 20 press representatives and 26 Sengwer community members. Milka Chepkorir and Yator Kiptum spoke powerfully about the suffering their Sengwer community are experiencing at the hands of the Kenya Forest Service.

Sengwer Women of Embobut forest call for help

More than 22 times now, our community has been forcefully evicted from our ancestral land in Embobut forest, Cherangany Hills, by the Kenya Forest Service (KFS), a government agency that is supposed to be responsible for the protection of forests in the country.

Violence escalates against the Sengwer of Embobut Forest, Kenya

Shortly after a visit from an EU delegation last week, Kenya Forest Service (KFS) guards based at Tangul, Kipsitono and Maron KFS camps carried out intensive evictions according to Sengwer witnesses, with KFS allegedly having since burnt down over 90 Sengwer homes and destroyed their property.