The Batwa of south-west Uganda officially open their new joint tourism venture

The Batwa of south-west Uganda, through their organisation, the United Organisation for Batwa Development (UOBDU), officially opened their new joint tourism venture with the Uganda Wildlife Authority on July 1st, 2010. A related news article “Trail of hope for Uganda's lost Pygmy tribe” in The Guardian,  17 July, 2010, notes that “...for the first time, the Batwa have a stake in the conservation and management of the national park, even though they still live outside it.” Click here to read the full Guardian article.

Cameroon REDD community consultations

In July 2010, Baka, Bagyeli and Bakola forest people – together with their local support NGOs – conducted consultations in southern Cameroon to inform their communities about potential REDD projects. They were very clear that climate change was already affecting their lives and that they fear REDD projects might not benefit them. Indeed, there are about seven REDD projects currently planned in Cameroon. According to recent FPP fieldwork, in at least two of the projects, the local communities have not even been informed. See a related press release

Indigenous Caucus' proposals for outcomes at UNFCCC COP16, developed at the Technical Workshop with States on UNFCCC Negotiations, Xcaret, Mexico, September 2010

From 27-29 September, 2010, the Mexican government hosted the “International Technical Workshop of Indigenous Peoples and States (Norway, Denmark, Peru, Bolivia, Maldives, Tuvalu, and Panama) on the UNFCCC Negotiations" in Xcaret, during which regional representatives of the Indigenous Caucus developed proposals for outcomes at UNFCCC COP 16.

Free, Prior and Informed Consent: Making FPIC work for forests and peoples

The shorthand phrase ‘free, prior and informed consent,’ and the acronym FPIC, refers to the right of indigenous peoples to give or withhold their free, prior and informed consent to proposed measures that will affect them. The right is affirmed in the UN Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples and in the jurisprudence of the international human rights treaty bodies including the Inter-American Court of Human Rights and the African Commission on Human and Peoples’ Rights.

Press Release - Baka and Bagyeli forest communities at the Green & Black's Rainforest Garden, Chelsea Flower Show, London

"We are excited about this garden at the Chelsea Flower Show. It provides a wonderful opportunity to raise awareness among the wider public about the many challenges facing African forest peoples. These include discrimination and violation of their rights, the impact of industrial expansion and deforestation, and the loss of access to forest biodiversity upon which communities rely."