Help the Ogiek to regain their ancestral lands at Chepkitale, Mount Elgon in Kenya - Request for Donations

The Ogiek of Mount Elgon, Kenya, are on the verge of reaching a legal agreement that will have their ancestral lands returned to them. However, they urgently need financial help (around £5,000) in order to make these last steps possible. This is an extraordinary opportunity for them to regain their land and continue their sustainable livelihoods, an extraordinary opportunity for them to gain legal recognition so that they are no longer threatened with eviction.

Ajude os Ogiek a retomarem suas terras ancestrais em Chepkitale, no Monte Elgon no Quênia – Pedido de Doações

Os Ogiek do Monte Elgon, Quênia, estão prestes a alcançar um acordo jurídico que lhes devolverá as terras dos seus ancestrais. Contudo, necessitam urgentemente de ajuda financeira (aproximadamente £5.000) para que possam dar estes últimos passos. Esta é uma oportunidade extraordinária para que eles recuperem suas terras e continuem com os seus meios de vida sustentáveis , uma oportunidade extraordinária para que eles ganhem reconhecimento jurídico e não voltem a ser ameaçados de despejo.

Kenya’s High Hills honey gatherers need urgent help: the Ogiek of Mount Elgon and the Sengwer of the Cherangany hills

On 6 June 2000 the Chepkitale moorlands (the Kenyan side of Mount Elgon) were gazetted: the grazing lands and forests where the Ogiek have lived since time immemorial were turned into a game reserve without consulting the Ogiek. They were then forced to abandon their hills, forest, honey, cattle and transhumance and made to live on tiny 2.5 acre land parcels down in the lowlands. Here, dominant neighbouring peoples were given land around them. Whipped up by politicians in the run up to the 2007 elections, these people formed an armed militia gang, the SLDF (Sabaot Land Defence Force), who raped and murdered the Ogiek until they fled back up into the Chepkitale Highlands.