Concerns about the revision of the World Bank Policy on Indigenous Peoples - Briefing paper

This briefing aims to:

  • Outline the safeguard provisions of the World Bank's existing Indigenous Peoples Policy (OD4.20)
  • Provide a background to the World Bank's revision of its Indigenous Peoples Policy
  • Highlight the substative concerns of indigenous peoples regarding the March 2001 draft revised policy (Draft OP/BP4.10) and their criticisms of the revision process.

Preocupaciones acerca de la revision de la politica del Banco Mundial sobre pueblos indigenas - Documento Informativo

Esta nota tiene la meta de:

  • Resumir las estipulaciones de salvaguardia de la politica operativa vigente del Banco Mundial sobre Pueblos Indigenas - Directriz Operativa 4.20 (DO 4.20);
  • Presentar los antecedents de la revision de la politica del Banco Mundial sobre Pueblos Indigenas;
  • Destacar las preocupaciones substantivas de los pueblos indigenas sobre el borrador de marzo de 2001 de la politica revisada (Borrador PO/PB 4.10) y anotar sus criticas del proceso de revision.

Preoccupations a propos de la Revision de la plitique de la Banque Mondiale sur les peuples autochtones - Dossier

Ce dossier vise a:

  • Delineer les dispositions de la politique de sauvegarde dans la Politique sur les Peuples Autochotones (DO 4.20) existante de la Banque Mondiale;
  • Donner le contexte de la revision de la Politique sur les Peuples Autochotones de la Banque Mondiale;
  • Mettre en evidence les preoccupations importantes des peuples autochtones vis-a-vis de la politique revisee (project PO/PB 4.10) de mars 2001, ainsi que leurs critiques du prcessus de revision.

Mining and Amerindians in Guyana

Final report of the APA/NSI project on 'Exploring Indigenous Perspective on Consultation and Engagement within the Mining Sector in Latin America and the Caribbean'.

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Africa: Forests Under Threat

Book available on request from FPP office:

Africa possesses an enormous diversity of forest ecosystems – from Mali to South Africa – all of which are at risk of degradation. The impacts are both local (ecological and social) and global as they affect climate change and hasten the loss of biodiversity. This book analyses the root causes of these threats and recounts the struggles by local people to protect and use these forests adequately.

ISBN 9974-7608-6-0   Paperback   Published by World Rainforest Movement

The Pulp Invasion: the international pulp and paper industry in the Mekong Region


This report looks at the current state of the pulp and paper industry in Thailand, Laos, Cambodia and Vietnam. It looks at the extent of plantations and their social and environmental impacts in the region, institutional support of industrial plantations, and local resistance to ecological damage and loss of livelihood. The book's aim is to support communities' rights to make their own decisions about the management of their rivers, farmlands and forests.