The Chad-Cameroon Oil & Pipeline Project A Project Non-completion Report

Although the World Bank has produced its Project Implementation Completion Report (ICR) signaling the end of its role in the project, this investigation by three NGOs identifies too many outstanding environmental, livelihood and compensation problems for the World Bank to turn its back on.

FPP letter to UK's Department for International Development

Alerting the Secretary of State to the NGO submission to the UN's CERD [see below] and the pending World Bank Inspection Panel investigation into the detrimental impact of World Bank-supported initiatives on the rights and livelihoods of indigenous peoples in the DRC

Indigenous peoples and the Asian Development Bank

Special issue of 'Bankwatch' magazine marks the ADB's 40th anniversary and evaluates its failings in Asia and the Pacific. This article examines the ADB's review of its safeguard policies, in particular its Indigenous Peoples Policy

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The Nagari community, business and the state: The origin and the process of contemporary agrarian protests in West Sumatra, Indonesia

Book available on request from FPP at and WRM at

This careful research in five self-governing Minangkabau communities (Nagari) in West Sumatra situates present-day conflicts between rural communities and palm oil developers in their historical and institutional context.

ISBN 979-15188-1-5    303 pages  World Rainforest Movement