Brazil - Update to CERD regarding the situation of indigenous peoples in Raposa Serra do Sol

Report summarizes events that have taken place since February 2009, including an important Supreme Court decision which had the immediate effect of allowing for the removal of the remaining non-indigenous occupants from RSS, but which may have negative impacts on indigenous peoples in Brazil as a whole in the long run.Submission by Conselho Indígena de Roraima, Rainforest Foundation US, and Forest Peoples Programme

Supreme Court upholds Raposa Serra do Sol as indigenous area

After nearly three-and-a-half decades of waiting for recognition of their land rights, on 19 March the Supreme Court of Brazil finally affirmed the constitutionality of the Raposa Serra do Sol lands, demarcated ten years ago by the State, and has ordered the Government of Brazil to resume its removal of all non-indigenous settlers.


See link to letter by the Conselho Indígena de Roraima (available in Portuguese only)