Venezuela: Ye’kwana and Sanema of the Caura have again appealed to the Government to halt abuse of their rights by the armed forces

A delegation of indigenous representatives presented a petition to the Venezuela Government’s Ministry of Public Affairs to denounce the continuing of abuse of their rights by the armed forces who have been actively involved in illegal gold-mining on the indigenous peoples’ lands. They note that the commander of the local brigade, who along with several other members of his unit burned down two Ye’kwana houses in February and had then been detained by the Ye’kwana before being handed over to the authorities [who promised to investigate], remains in command of his brigade.

Indigenous peoples of Putumayo say no to mining in their territories

March 2015

Twelve indigenous peoples inhabit the Putumayo region in Colombia. In the last few years, they have tried to be heard through constant demonstrations to say ‘no’ to mining and megaprojects in ancestral territories! They demonstrated once again last Friday the 13 of March in Bogotá through colourful actions, which back in the in the Sibundoy Valley of the Upper Putumayo they call “cultural marches and sit-ins”.  The cultural protest in Bogotá took place at the entrance of the Ministry of the Interior. 

Pueblos indígenas del Putumayo dicen ¡No a la minería! en sus territorios

En el Putumayo habitan doce (12) pueblos indígenas, éstos pueblos en los últimos años a través de constantes manifestaciones han alzado su voz para decir ¡no a la minería y a los megaproyectos en los territorios ancestrales!, así lo manifestaron una vez más el pasado viernes 13 de mayo, en las participativas y coloridas movilizaciones denominadas por ellos como “caminatas y plantones culturales”, realizadas en el Valle del Sibundoy – Putumayo, en Bogotá también se realizó un plantón cultural en la entrada del Ministerio del Interior.

Government of Finland fails to ratify the ILO 169 on Saami Rights

Government of Finland fails to ratify the ILO 169 – Saami organisations called to urgent meeting on Monday.

Despite eight years of negotiations between the Saami Parliament and the Government of Finland, the Parliament did not ratify the ILO 169 convention today. Last minute attempts to influence the Parliament failed.

The acting Saami Parliament President, Mrs. Tiina Sanila-Aikio, summarised that the decision is greatly damaging to the relations between the Saami and the state.

Sengwer ask: "How can you ask for constructive dialogue, while you are destroying our homes?"

The burnings of Sengwer homes by the Kenya Forest Service (KFS) resumed last week while at the same time, the Sengwer are expected to sit down tomorrow to discuss constructive ways forward with the same Government whose agencies burn their homes. This is intolerable to the Sengwer who are calling for an urgent meeting today with the organisers of tomorrow's International Colloquium - the World Bank and the Government of Kenya - so that such harassment can be stopped permanently before the talks begin.

Indonesia: Asia Pulp and Paper security guards beat farmers’ union activist to death

In the afternoon of Friday 27th February seven security personnel contracted to guard one of Asia Pulp and Paper’s Acacia plantations in the district of Tebo, Jambi Province on the island of Sumatra, beat, then abducted and killed an activist from a local farmers’ union. According to preliminary reports, the altercation occurred when the guards tried to prevent Mr Indra Pelani from entering the plantation.

FAPI denuncia expresiones grotescas de odio racial contra los pueblos indigenas en Paraguay, marzo, 2015: vease el pronunciamiento de FAPI aqui

Comunicado a la opinión pública federación por la autodeterminación de los pueblos indígenas (FAPI)Con ocasión del artículo de prensa publicado bajo el título ‘INDIOS DE MIERDA’, en el cual el periodista Miguel  H. López denuncia y reproduce expresiones graves atribuidas a Luis Aníbal Schupp, en el periódico Ultima Hora, en fecha 26 de febrero del corriente año, la FAPI manifiesta cuanto sigue:

Accountability undermined with the new World Bank proposals

In a collective NGO statement, the Centre for International Environmental Law (CIEL), Accountability Counsel and Centre for Research on Multinational Corporations (SOMO) raise concerns about the impact of the proposed safeguards on the Bank’s accountability for its investments, with particular focus on ESS10 on consultation and stakeholder engagement.Dear Safeguards Team,