Indigenous authorities in Colombia denounce murder of member of the indigenous guard

The indigenous authorities of the Resguardo Cañamomo Lomaprieta, jurisdiction of the municipalities of Riosucio and Supia, Caldas, publicly denounce before the national government, investigation agencies, and national and international human rights organisations, the serious events that occurred today, 12 August 2017, in the indigenous community

Autoridades indigenas en Colombia denuncian asesinato de miembro de la guardia indígena

Las autoridades indígenas del Resguardo de Cañamomo Lomaprieta jurisdicción de los municipios de Riosucio y Supia Caldas, denunciamos publicamente ante el Gobierno Nacional, los organismos de investigación y las organizaciones defensoras de derechos humanos nacionales e internacionales, los graves hechos acaecidos el día de hoy 12 de agosto 2017

Violence escalates against the Sengwer of Embobut Forest, Kenya

Shortly after a visit from an EU delegation last week, Kenya Forest Service (KFS) guards based at Tangul, Kipsitono and Maron KFS camps carried out intensive evictions according to Sengwer witnesses, with KFS allegedly having since burnt down over 90 Sengwer homes and destroyed their property.