Annual Report 2018

Global news in 2018 made hard reading. Forest peoples who we support faced intimidation and murder.

Terre sans titre - les Bagyeli d'Océan

Au cours des 3 dernières années, quatre communautés bagyeli autochtones ont cartographié et surveillé leurs forêts afin de garantir les droits sur les terres dont elles dépendent pour survivre.

Forest Peoples Programme Annual Review 2017

Nearly all forests across the globe are inhabited and the peoples who live there have customary rights and ways of life and traditional knowledge that are attuned to their forest environments.

Revisión anual del Forest Peoples Programme de 2017

Casi todos los bosques del planeta están habitados y los pueblos que viven en ellos tienen derechos consuetudinarios así como modos de vida y conocimientos tradicionales que están en sintonía con sus entornos forestales.

Examen annuel 2017 du Forest Peoples Programme

Presque toutes les forêts de la planète sont habitées et les peuples qui y vivent ont des droits coutumiers, des modes de vie et des savoirs traditionnels en parfait accord avec leurs environnements forestiers.

Tinjauan Tahunan Forest Peoples Programme 2017

Hampir semua hutan di seluruh dunia dihuni manusia dan orang-orang yang tinggal di sana memiliki hak adat dan cara hidup dan pengetahuan tradisional yang selaras dengan lingkungan hutan mereka.

Video: The human impact of the palm oil industry in Indonesia

This video is part of the Global Network for Advanced Management's Palm Oil 2016 online case study and features Marcus Colchester of the Forest Peoples Programme as he outlines the human impact of the Indonesian palm oil industry.

Forest Peoples Programme Annual Review 2016

Partnership, support and solidarity are key to the work of Forest Peoples Programme. In this time of political turmoil and uncertainty, FPP's underlying philosophy remains that sustained solidarity and support for specific struggles are the most effective pathway to enduring change.

Annual Report 2015

Forest peoples and indigenous organisations in Asia, Africa, and South and Central America have made considerable progress over the last year in their work to secure their rights. Forest Peoples Programme (FPP) has continued to support forest peoples’ efforts to gain ownership of their lands, aiming to ensure that their voices are heard across the complex political and social global landscape as they assert their human rights. 

New video exposes reality of oil palm land grabs in Indonesia

Jail is the reward for Momonus and Jamaludin to defend their ancestral lands. For 12 years already these Semunying indigenous territories have been controlled by P.T. In Ledo Lestari. Their dense forest had been turned into a palm oil plantation landscape. Although they have been persecuted and abused in their ancestral land, their fight is not extinguished.