FPP series on Forest Peoples and Protected Areas

This series of eight country studies and a synthesis report review the progress of the application of indigenous peoples' rights with regards to protected areas since 2003. By considering the views of governments, funding agencies, conservation organisations and indigenous peoples' organisations, these studies assesses the extend to which recommendations and resolutions from the Durban 2003 World Parks Congress, the 4th World Conservation Congress in Barcelona and the Convention on Biological Diversity have been followed up on and enacted.


For The Indigenous World 2009, IWGIA's YearbookPublished April 2009

Land rights in Africa: A guide for indigenous peoples

This guide is intended to be of use to indigenous peoples in attaining their land and resource rights; it presents the majority of international and regional standards, principles and mechanisms relevant to indigenous peoples in Africa.

Ethiopia - Latest EIA of planned major hydroelectric project in the Lower Omo Basin still ignores its destructive effect on 200,000 indigenous people

An academic analysis of the 2008 'Additional Study on Downstream Impact' of the planned Gibe III hydroelectric project finds that this latest Environmental Impact Assessment 'rests on a series of faulty premises' with potentially devastating effects in the region where Sudan, Ethiopia and Kenya intersect.Africa Resources Working Group (ARWG) -