BLOG: “Without our forest, we have no life, we disappear”

A member of one of Cameroon’s Baka Communities in the Ngoyla Mintom area, talks about being driven out of his ancestral forests, and the issues his people face on a daily basis through lack of land rights and lack of access to food, medicine and education.

A message from the women of Assoumindelé, Cameroon

Women from a village in south east Cameroon say they won’t be able to access a parcel of land that has been allocated to their community as part compensation for land lost to a national reserve.

Pesan dari perempuan Assoumindelé, Kamerun

Perempuan dari sebuah desa di Kamerun tenggara mengatakan bahwa sulit bagi mereka mengakses sebidang tanah yang telah dialokasikan bagi komunitas mereka sebagai bagian dari kompensasi atas tanah yang diambil untuk dijadikan sebuah cagar alam nasional.