Joint letter to end EU complicity in Amazon fires

In light of the forest fires in Brazil, Forest Peoples Programme and others ask the EU to urgently address complicity in current deforestation crisis and instruct the European Commission to work on EU regulation to end deforestation.

Indigenous peoples in Guyana call for strong protections for customary land rights and application of FPIC in timber trade agreement with the EU

In two newly released reports, indigenous leaders point out that the current concession allocations system in Guyana is unjust, severely flawed and facilitated by a national legal framework that does not fully respect their internationally protected rights to their customary lands and resources.

The foreign companies come and they have legal rights and we the people who have been living here all the time do not have legal rights.” [Resident, Kwebanna village]

Peruvian indigenous organisations insist that the World Bank establishes mechanisms to ensure that the Forest Investment Programme (FIP) in Peru respects their rights

On the eve of the Peruvian government's final consultation with indigenous peoples on the draft investment plan of the FIP, indigenous organisations expressed their cautious welcome of the latest version of the plan, which includes key agreements on their customary land rights reached with indigenous peoples. Nevertheless, they expressed their grave concern that last minute adjustments were made to the plan without their agreement.

Peru commits to respecting indigenous peoples’ rights to land and resources in its forest and climate plan: but will it keep its promise?

On 2 August 2013 indigenous organisations and representatives of the Peruvian government reached an agreement to modify controversial aspects of the government’s draft Forest Investment Plan (“FIP Plan”), an initiative financed by the World Bank’s Forest Investment Programme (FIP), to address deforestation. The plan was due to be presented to the World Bank’s FIP sub-committee in October 2013 but a draft version was roundly denounced by indigenous organisations in July as it continued to ignore indigenous proposals and violated Peru’s legal obligations to respect indigenous peoples’ rights to land and resources and the World Bank’s own safeguard policies. 

Perú se compromete a respetar los derechos de los pueblos indígenas a la tierra y los recursos en su plan para los bosques y el clima, pero ¿cumplirá su promesa?

El 2 de agosto de 2013 una serie de organizaciones indígenas y representantes del Gobierno de Perú llegaron a un acuerdo para modificar aspectos controvertidos del anteproyecto del Plan de Inversión del Programa de Inversión Forestal (PI-FIP) del Gobierno, una iniciativa financiada por el Programa de Inversión Forestal (FIP) del Banco Mundial para afrontar la deforestación. El plan iba a ser presentado ante el subcomité del FIP del Banco Mundial en octubre de 2013 pero el borrador fue rotundamente denunciado por organizaciones indígenas en julio, ya que seguía ignorando las propuestas indígenas e incumplía las obligaciones legales de Perú de respetar los derechos de los pueblos indígenas a la tierra y los recursos así como las políticas de salvaguardia del propio Banco Mundial.