Protecting forests, natural ecosystems and human rights: a case for EU action

In its Communication on “Stepping up EU Action to Protect and Restore the World’s Forests”, published on 23rd July 2019, the European Commission recognised that the EU consumption represents around 10% of the global share of deforestation embodied in total final consumption of commodities such as palm oil, beef, soy, cocoa, maize, timber and rub

Joint letter to end EU complicity in Amazon fires

In light of the forest fires in Brazil, Forest Peoples Programme and others ask the EU to urgently address complicity in current deforestation crisis and instruct the European Commission to work on EU regulation to end deforestation.

All eyes on the incoming European Commission to step up action to eliminate human rights violations, land grabbing and deforestation from EU supply chains

The long-awaited European Commission Communication on deforestation opens the door for regulation of EU commodity supply chains, in order to protect and restore the world’s forests. On the downside, the Communication lacks the ambition and additional actionable commitments required to tackle the global forest and climate crisis. We share our views.

Indigenous leaders and human rights defenders demand urgent EU action on deforestation

After taking part in meetings with the Amsterdam Declarations Partnership and DG Trade to present rights-based solutions for achieving deforestation-free trade, the 'Closing the Gap' delegation are travelling to Brussels to deliver a petition signed by 160,000 people urging EC President Jean-Claude Juncker to uphold the European Union’s international commitment to halt deforestation by 2020 by supporting an EU Action Plan to protect forests and respect forest peoples’ rights.

Pueblos indígenas y los defensores de los bosques se arriesgan a ser asesinados e intimidados para instar a los Gobiernos europeos a cumplir sus compromisos en materia de derechos humanos y abordar los productos básicos que contribuyen a la deforestación

Los líderes indígenas y los defensores de los derechos humanos de cuatro países con bosques tropicales están viajando a París con la finalidad de hacer un llamamiento para que se tomen medidas urgentes contra la deforestación y los abusos de los derechos humanos en la reun

Peuples autochtones et défenseurs de la forêt bravent les meurtres et les intimidations pour exhorter les gouvernements européens à respecter leurs engagements en matière de droits humains et lutter contre la déforestation due aux matières premières

Des dirigeants autochtones et des défenseurs des droits humains de quatre pays abritant des forêts tropicales se rendent à Paris pour appeler instamment à agir contre la déforestation et les violations des droits humains lors de la réunion multipartite du 27 juin du

Masyarakat adat dan pembela hutan mengabaikan pembunuhan dan intimidasi untuk meminta pemerintah Eropa menegakkan komitmen hak asasi manusia mereka dan mengatasi komoditas deforestasi

Para pemimpin adat dan pembela hak asasi manusia dari empat negara hutan tropis melakukan perjalanan ke Paris untuk mendesak dilakukannya tindakan terhadap deforestasi dan pelanggaran hak asasi manusia pada pertemuan para pemangku kepentingan Kemitraan Deklarasi Amsterdam tanggal 27 Juni, Menuju komodita