In memory of Dan Ole Sapit

It was with enormous sorrow that the Forest Peoples Programme heard the news that Dan passed away unexpectedly in early February. The entire FPP team offers and expresses our sorrow at this untimely news, and our sympathy and sorrow for his widow and children.

Appeal for protections to be guaranteed

FPP supports the appeal from Asian regional organisations – indigenous peoples and other civil society actors – asking for the Asian Development Bank to retain existing public access to information and to strengthen the policy in key areas.

Llamamiento para la garantía de las protecciones

El Forest Peoples Programme (FPP) respalda el llamamiento de las organizaciones regionales de Asia – pueblos indígenas y otros actores de la sociedad civil – por medio del cual solicitan que el Banco Asiático de Desarrollo retenga el acceso público existente a la información y fortalezca las políticas en áreas clave.