Malaysia - FPP and SawitWatch query government oil palm policy

In a letter to the Malaysian Minister for Plantation Industries and Commodities, FPP and SawitWatch seek clarifications of the government's policies on oil palm and the protection of the customary rights of indigenous peoples. Just as the Federal Ministry seeks to allay international concerns about oil palm expansion, the Sarawak government has announced plans to double the extent of oil palm estates, including 'aggressive development' on customary lands.

Free, Prior and Informed Consent - Making FPIC work for Forests and Peoples

The right of indigenous peoples to give or withhold their free prior and informed consent to projects, laws and policies that may affect their rights is affirmed in international law. Making this right effective is more challenging: and what should private sector companies do to ensure they respect this right? This 'scoping paper'has been prepared by FPP for The Forests Dialogue to stimulate an interactive discussion about how to respect FPIC in practice among all those concerned about forests and rights.

Scoping paper prepared for The Forest Dialogue's (TFD) FPIC Initiative.

Pulp and paper giant, APRIL, continues to seek to impose its expansion plans on the Kampar Peninsula, Riau

The Singapore-based pulp and paper giant, APRIL, through its Indonesian national subsidiary, PT Riau Andolan Pulp and Paper (RAPP), is seeking to develop a ring of new Acacia plantations on community lands on the peat soils of the Kampar Peninsula, in Riau Province on the island of Sumatra. The company also hopes to promote conservation zones in the core of the Peninsula payable with REDD money.

The company claims it adheres to corporate 'best practice' standards, including the communities' rights to 'Free, Prior and Informed Consent'. Yet it has already secured permits to almost 100,000 hecatres of community lands and now only seeks to negotiate with the communities about land use within a heavily constrained framework. This series of letters and a briefing summarises the escalating crisis in the area.  

In the latest letter letter (May 2010), FPP and Scale Up query APRIL's controversial operations in the Kampar Peninsula and urge it to respect the communities' rights. (APRIL recently had its controlled wood certificate from the Forest Stewardship Council withdrawn for lack of compliance.)

Indonesian NGOs concerned about IFC-supported expansion of plantations

Letter from leading forest policy, environment, human rights and social justice NGOs expresses concern that IFC's planned 250,000 hectare plantations expansion project could lead to illegality and impunity, environmental mismanagement, abuse of rights, impoverishment of rural peoples and exacerbate climate change.Letter to IFC

Sabah, Malaysia - Letter to Government ministers about the proposed Kaiduan Dam

FPP letter expresses concerns in support of the potentially affected communities about the feasibility study, and requests the Government's commitment to conduct full, participatory consultations with the communities and the public before reaching a decision.Letter sent to the Chief Minister's Office, the Minister of Infrastructure Development and the Minister of Tourism, Culture and Environment.  For reply see related reports.