A Call for Solidarity and Support from the Peruvian Amazon

In mid-July, the Shipibo community of Santa Clara de Uchunya, with help from FPP,  launched a crowdfunder to support urgently needed solutions in their fight to defend their forests and way of life from destruction by a palm oil company and land-trafficking gangs.

Un llamado de solidaridad y apoyo desde la Amazonia peruana

A mediados de julio, la comunidad Shipibo de Santa Clara de Uchunya, con el apoyo de Forest Peoples Programme, lanzó un crowdfunder con el fin de financiar soluciones urgentes para fortalecer su lucha en defensa de sus bosques y modo de vida en contra de la destrucción causada por una empresa de palma aceitera y traficantes de tierras.

Supply Chain Solutions for People and Forests

Delegates from the 'Closing the Gap' forum on human rights, deforestation and supply chains are visiting Paris to call on governments and companies to put in place strong rights protections for communities and their forests, and share a set of technical recommendation they have developed for achieving this.