How the Women of Indonesia Rose up Against Land Grabbing

Land conflicts impact both indigenous men and women, but the burden often falls disproportionately on the latter. As food producers, knowledge holders, caretakers, healers, and keepers of culture, loss of access to valuable natural resources means a loss of self-reliance for the women, causing not only physical displacement but also economic and social difficulties.

Justice for defenders of Pari Island

Pari Islanders fighting the occupation of their territory were given a glimmer of hope last month after a prominent environmental defender, Pak Sulaiman, was found not guilty of a land breach.

It’s forest that we can live from, not oil palm

Jakarta – A civil society coalition took action outside the Environment and Forestry Ministry on Friday (23/03/2018), protesting a permit to release state forest land near the Wosimi River in Naikere and Kuriwamesa subdistricts of Wondama Bay Regency, Papua Barat which was issued to an oil palm company, PT Menara Wasior.

Es del bosque del que podemos vivir, no de la palma de aceite

Yakarta - Una coalición de la sociedad civil tomó acción afuera del Ministerio de Medio Ambiente y Bosques el viernes (23/03/2018), protestando por un permiso para liberar tierras forestales estatales cerca del río Wosimi en los subdistritos Naikere y Kuriwamesa de la regenci

Wilmar International implicated in police shooting of two farmers on oil palm estate

Indonesian NGOs have protested strongly to the Indonesian government authorities and RSPO about an incident they recorded on 18th December 2017, when police security forces shot and wounded two farmers. The shootings allegedly took place in one of Wilmar International’s oil palm plantations in Central Kalimantan in Indonesian Borneo.

Wilmar International implicada en un tiroteo de la policía contra dos campesinos en una plantación de palma de aceite

Varias ONG indonesias han protestado enérgicamente ante autoridades del Gobierno de Indonesia y la Mesa Redonda sobre el Aceite de Palma Sostenible (RSPO por sus siglas en inglés) por un incidente ocurrido el 18 de diciembre de 2017 en el que la policía disparó e hirió a dos campesinos. El presunto tiroteo se produjo en una de las plantaciones de palma de aceite que Wilmar International tiene en la provincia de Kalimantan Central, en la isla indonesia de Borneo.

Logging the Heart out of Borneo: the distressing case of Long Isun

In the late 19th Century, a large group of Dayak Bahau settled on the Meraseh river, a tributary of the Upper Mahakam in East Kalimantan, Indonesia. For a century, they remained largely undisturbed at Long Isun until the 1980s when the government resettled them to the banks of the Mahakam river.

Talando el Corazón de Borneo: el angustioso caso de Long Isun

A finales del siglo XIX un numeroso grupo de Dayak Bahau se asentó junto al río Meraseh, un afluente del Alto Mahakam en Kalimantan Oriental, Indonesia. Durante un siglo vivieron en Long Isun sin apenas ser perturbados, hasta que en los años 80 del siglo XX el Gobierno los reasentó en las riberas del río de Mahakam.