New briefing: Free, Prior and Informed Consent and the RSPO; Are the companies keeping their promises? Findings and recommendations from Southeast Asia and Africa

This briefing, launched on the occasion of the 10th Roundtable on Sustainable Palm Oil (RT10), draws together the key findings of fourteen studies on FPIC in RSPO member/certified plantations based on the RSPO Principles & Criteria (P&C) and related Indicators and Guidance, and makes recommendations for reforms in the way palm oil companies honour the principle of FPIC and respect customary rights to land.

FPP E-Newsletter February 2012 (PDF Version)

Dear Friends,

Balancing human beings’ need for decent livelihoods against the imperative of securing our environment is, arguably, the biggest challenge facing our planet. This struggle between ‘development’ and ‘conservation’ is being played out in global policy negotiations, with the decisions of so-called policy-makers being imposed on the ground. But not everything is or should be ‘top down’. Enduring solutions also spring from the grassroots, from the ‘bottom up’.

E-Boletín FPP Febrero 2012 (PDF Version)

Estimados amigos:

Se podría decir que equilibrar la necesidad que tiene el ser humano de medios de vida decentes con el imperativo de asegurar nuestro medio ambiente es el mayor reto que enfrenta nuestro planeta. Esta lucha entre el «desarrollo» y la «conservación» se está manteniendo en el campo de las negociaciones mundiales de políticas, con las decisiones de los denominados «encargados de la formulación de políticas» impuestas sobre el terreno. Pero no todo va o debería ir de «arriba abajo». También surgen soluciones duraderas en la base, de «abajo arriba».