Suriname 10(c) Case Study

Marauny Na’na Emandobo / Lokono Shikwabana (“Marowijne – our territory”) - Traditional use and management of the Lower Marowijne area by the Kaliña and Lokono

Conceived as a tool to aid Suriname to implement the Convention on Biological Diversity (CBD), this report describes traditional methods of hunting, fishing, house- and boat-building and also details the customary laws and practices followed by these peoples to ensure that their use of the flora and fauna safeguards the rich biodiversity of the area.

Request for evidence of compliance by Wijma with FSC certification obligations in logging concession UFA 09-021 in Cameroon - February 2006 FPP letter to the certification organisation EUROCERTIFOR - BVQI

Mr Huguet Antoine Head of Forest and Wood Department EUROCERTIFOR - BVQI 60 avenue du Général de Gaulle 92046 Paris La Défense Cedex France


Dear Colleagues,

Ref: FSC Certification of Wijma logging concession UFA 09-021, Cameroon