Annual Report 2007

FPP's report of activities for its charitable arm, over the year 2007

Deserting the Sundarbans: Local peoples' perspective on ADB-GEF-Netherlands funded Sundarbans biodiversity conservation project

The US$77.3m Sundarbans Biodiversity Conservation Project was suspended three years early because of its failure to conserve biological diversity and reduce poverty in the Sundarbans. This report provides an analysis of the project's design flaws and consequent disintegration, and identifies means of making good the damage done.


47 pages   Unnayan Onneshan, Nijera kori, FPP

Forum - International Negotiations on Forests

Article covering the history of negotiations within the United Nations Forum on Forests and the Convention on Biological Diversity, considering the avenues available for indigenous peoples to most effectively defend their rights to lands and resources within the conservation and forestry debates.Published in "Biodiversity", the quarterly journal of TC-Biodiversity

Land is life: Land rights and oil palm development in Sarawak

This report reveals escalating conflicts between indigenous peoples and oil palm companies due to the rapid expansion of plantations in the Malaysian State of Sarawak. Based on field interviews with community representatives in 12 different villages the report details:

  • rapid rate of expansion of oil palm plantations in Sarawak
  • reasons for the conflicts over native customary lands
  • why some 40 legal cases about land conflicts between communities and oil palm companies are now clogging the courts in Sarawak
  • concerns raised by the communities about the plantations
  • how the process of oil palm development in Sarawak is contrary to international standards adopted by the Rountable on Sustainable Palm Oil (RSPO)
  • recommendations for reform

Statement - Indigenous peoples' organisations (FENAMAD and COHARYIMA) in Peru reject hydrocarbon concessions imposed on indigenous territories, Madre de Dios (Spanish only)

Indigenous peoples' organisations (FENAMAD and COHARYIMA) in Peru reject hydrocarbon concessions imposed on indigenous territories and condemn government plans to annul protected areas to allow exploitation of oil fields in Madre de Dios. (only available in Spanish)

Organizaciones indigenas en el Peru (FENAMAD y COHARYIMA) rechazan la superposicion de concesiones de hidrocarburos en territorios indigenas, y condenan planes gubernamentales para anular areas protegidas con el fin de permitir la explotacion de campos de gas y petroleo en el departamento de Madre de Dios.

HSBC's commitment to its Forest Policy and 'due diligence' challenged

(Most recent correspondence listed first)     1. 12 October 2007 - FPP letter to HSBC in light of HSBC's failure to respond to earlier requests.2.  31 May 2007 - FPP and FERN letter to HSBC again questioning the company's procedures and intentions. 3.  24 May 2007 - HSBC reply to FPP explaining its intention to stay involved with Samling as it considers the company to be making progress to improve its operations.