Responsible finance

The Responsible Finance Programme (RFP) aims to make public and private finance for development and the environment fully accountable to the public and affected communities.

FPP advocates for rights-based approaches in development and emphasises that international finance agencies have a duty to ensure that the aid and investments that they support uphold the obligations of donor and recipient countries under international law. Advocacy targets include the World Bank Group, the Inter-American Development Bank (IADB) and Asian Development Bank alongside bilateral aid agencies such as the UK Department for International Development (DFID).

The programme also carries out advocacy on the private sector with the aim of promoting respect for human rights and greater corporate accountability. FPP’s advocacy activities seek to ensure that international financial institutions (IFIs) and development agencies adopt and fully comply with social and environmental policies that are in line with international standards, including human rights norms. RFP tracks the different safeguard policies of IFIs and pushes for upward harmonisation in standards and the establishment of mechanisms and incentives to promote effective implementation of safeguards. Major efforts are also made to monitor IFI loan and grant operations affecting forests and forest-dependent communities.

Where requested by local partners, FPP may also assist community appeals and complaints to IFI accountability mechanisms in order to help them secure redress and expose problems in IFI due diligence.

Chad-Cameroon oil pipeline cuts through forest and customary lands of Bagyeli, Cameroon, November 2005
Bagyeli made maps of their traditional territories to secure land rights in the Cameroon oil pipeline zone, November 2005
Wilmar protest Indonesia
Wilmar International: the target of protests held by plantation labourers + local communities at the RSPO Annual Meeting
Sophie Chao