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Letter to Mark Canning, UK Ambassador to Indonesia, following Indonesia and East Timor Civil Society Human Rights Roundtable, Carlton Gardens, 7 February 2012

Co-signatories: Forest Peoples Programme, Down to Earth, TAPO and Survival International

14 Febrero de, 2012

This letter provides Mark Canning HMA with further information on the MIFEE project in West Papua and on South-East Asian regional approaches to human rights. It was sent with a dossier of relevant materials including:

MIFEE project in West Papua

Request for Consideration of the Situation of Indigenous Peoples in Merauke, Papua Province, Indonesia, under the United Nations Committee on the Elimination of Racial Discrimination’s Urgent Action and Early Warning Procedures, 31 July 2011: Cover letter and Submission

UN CERD formal communication to the Permanent Mission of Indonesia regarding allegations of threatening and imminent irreparable harm for indigenous peoples in Merauke District related to the MIFEE project, 2 September 2011

Request for Further Consideration of the Situation of the Indigenous Peoples of Merauke, Papua Province, Indonesia, and Indigenous Peoples in Indonesia in General, under UN CERD’s Urgent Action and Early Warning Procedures, 6 February 2012

Down To Earth Update – “NGOs urge Indonesia to heed MIFEE moratorium call”. Joint submission to the UN's Universal Periodic Review (UPR) of human rights by 10 national and international CSOs, 29 November 2011: 

The Land of Papua: a continuing struggle for land and livelihoods. DTE Special Edition Newsletter, No. 89-90, November 2011

Regional approaches to human rights and business in Southeast Asia

Press release – “Agribusiness and Human Rights in Southeast Asia Workshop brings together Human Rights Commissioners, indigenous peoples’ representatives, academics and NGOs from across the world.”, 28 November 2011

Press release – “Bali Declaration acclaimed at Agribusiness and Human Rights in Southeast Asia Workshop”, 1 December 2011

Bali Declaration on Human Rights and Agribusiness in Southeast Asia, 1 December 2011

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Rural Indonesians Demonstrate to Demand Land Rights and an End to Land Grabs

13 Enero de, 2012

Rural Indonesians Protest to Demand Land Rights and an End to Land Grabs, Jakarta, January 2012

Following high profile cases of police violence and killings of rural people protesting land grabs, a new alliance of rural people - indigenous peoples, farmers, workers and landless people as well as supportive NGOs - is demanding the repeal of laws which allow the State to expropriate people's lands and resources in favour or large businesses. They are also demanding the passing of new laws that secure the people's rights in land and ensure ecological justice, through agrarian reforms and the recognition of indigenous peoples' rights.

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Down To Earth's Special Edition Newsletter, November 2011 - The Land of Papua: A Continuing Struggle for Land and Livelihoods

8 Diciembre de, 2011

The Land of Papua: A Continuing Struggle for Land and Livelihoods

Click here to read the Down To Earth Newsletter in English or in Bahasa Indonesia which includes articles on The Merauke Integrated Food and Energy Estate (MIFEE).

From the introduction...

Strong communities for a sustainable future

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¿Cómo obligar al sector del aceite de palma a rendir cuentas?

6 Diciembre de, 2011

Las plantaciones de palma de aceite continúan expandiéndose rápidamente por todo el mundo. El país que encabeza esta tendencia, Indonesia, ha dejado atrás a Malasia y se ha convertido en el mayor productor. Según los últimos datos que ha proporcionado la ONG indonesia SawitWatch que vigila a este sector, actualmente las plantaciones de palma de aceite de Indonesia cubren 11 millones de hectáreas, mientras que hace tan solo cinco años cubrían 6 millones. Las nuevas plantaciones se están dispersando por islas más pequeñas del archipiélago y por las zonas menos desarrolladas del este de Indonesia. Las esperanzas de que una promesa presidencial de una moratoria de 2 años sobre la tala de bosques frenaría la expansión de este cultivo (parte de un acuerdo para reducir las emisiones de gases de efecto invernadero) también se han evaporado ya que el Gobierno ha excluido de la moratoria zonas donde ya se han entregado permisos preliminares.

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Updated Press Release: Bali Declaration acclaimed at Agribusiness and Human Rights in Southeast Asia Workshop

1 Diciembre de, 2011

The international meeting of South East Asian Regional Human Rights Commissions on ‘Human Rights and Business: Plural Legal Approaches to Conflict Resolution, Institutional Strengthening and Legal Reform’ hosted by the Indonesian National Human Rights Commission (KOMNASHAM), in conjunction with Sawit Watch and Forest Peoples Programme (FPP) was held in Bali, Indonesia, from 28th November to 1st December 2011.

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