HSBC and the palm oil sector in South East Asia: towards accountability

The fast-expanding palm oil sector is known to be a major driver of deforestation and of the take-over of indigenous peoples' lands without their consent. This report calls on HSBC to put pressure on the 17 major palm oil corporate groups that are among its clients in order to end violations of forest peoples' rights.

Free, Prior and Informed Consent and the Roundtable on Sustainable Palm Oil - A guide for companies

A synthesis of training materials devised for communities and companies, and also local government, about how successful procedures can be carried out in line with the principle of FPIC - free, prior and informed consent - to enable indigenous peoples, local communities and other stakeholders to express their views in negotiations and for these views and wishes to be included in the RSPO's decision-making processes.

Los Pueblos Indígenas y los Proyectos del Banco Mundial: Una guía para las comunidades acerca de la Política del Banco Mundial sobre Pueblos Indígenas (PO/PB 4.10)

Esta guía illustrada recopilada por el FPP contiene un resumen de unas disposiciones claves en la política de salvaguardia del Banco Mundial sobre Pueblos Indígenas. La guía esta basada en la interpretación del FPP sobre los requisitos de la política que establezcan reglas obligatorias para el personal del Banco y sus prestatarios.