IFC suspends funding to palm oil sector

Following appeals from NGOs and a critical audit of the IFC's financing of oil palm in Indonesia, the IFC has stated it will halt funding of the sector until it develops a comprehensive new strategy and finds ways to address the legal and institutional barriers in Indonesia that hinder compliance with the IFC's and RSPO's standards.Letter from IFC President to NGOs

Hak-Hak Masyarakat adat dan Pengurangan Emisi dari Pengurangan Deforestasi dan Degradasi Hutan: Perkara Masyarakat Saramaka melawan Suriname

Given that indigenous peoples are the traditional owners of a large percentage of the world's remaining forests, this article raises the issue of the extent to which the various proposals for Reduced Emissions from Deforestation and Forest Degradation (REDD) or Avoided Deforestation (AD) must account for and respect indigenous peoples' rights.