AIDESEP lamenta que Ministerio de Interior envíe a Peruanos a luchar contra Peruanos

El movimiento indígena en la Amazonia peruana ha movilizado durante las ultimas semanas para manifestar su rechazo de operaciones destructivas de las empresas petroleras en sus territorios. La movilización además tiene el fin de comunicar su profunda preocupación acerca de planes gubernamentales de debilitar protecciones legales para sus derechos a la tierra. Dirigentes indígenas quedan muy decepcionados que hasta ahora el gobierno no ha tratado las demandas indígenas seriamente.AIDESEP Nota informativa

Worldwide Protest Against WWF's Plans to Launch Aquaculture Stewardship Council

NGO News Release   Over 70 human rights and environmental groups from around the world express their outrage at the planned launch of the World Wildlife Fund's Aquaculture Stewardship Council. Their concern is that the proposed certification of industrial production of shrimp and salmon favours the vested interests of the aquaculture industry, without reflecting or taking into account the wishes of local communities and indigenous peoples who live alongside shrimp and salmon farms.


Seeing 'REDD'? Forests, climate change mitigation and the rights of indigenous peoples and local communities - May 2009 Update

This is an updated version of FPP's earlier report, prepared for the UNFCCC COP 14 (Poznan) in December 2008.As REDD proposals and projects gather momentum to determine how developing country forests will be included in global efforts to mitigate climate change, this report analyses national, international and NGO initiatives. It identifies that to achieve effective and sustainable results, forest peoples must be involved at all levels and their rights upheld.