Indígenas 'amarakaeris' decididos a desalojar a la Hunt Oil


Convocan de urgencia comisión de alto nivel entre el Gobierno, la Hunt Oil y los indígenas Al menos unos doscientos indígenas de la Reserva Comunal Amarakaeri se encuentran concentrados en Salvación, capital de la provincia del Manu, en Madre de Dios, al suroriente del Perú, para exigir el retiro de la compañía estadounidense Hunt Oil de su territorio.

Annex Informe del Proyecto de Monitoreo Integral e Independiente de FECONACO

Report by the indigenous federation, FECONACO (one of the submitting organisations), regarding the grave environmental damage resulting from the oil exploration in their lands and the continued failure of the government to remedy the violations presented to the Committee - only available in Spanish

FPP series on Forest Peoples and Protected Areas

This series of eight country studies and a synthesis report review the progress of the application of indigenous peoples' rights with regards to protected areas since 2003. By considering the views of governments, funding agencies, conservation organisations and indigenous peoples' organisations, these studies assesses the extend to which recommendations and resolutions from the Durban 2003 World Parks Congress, the 4th World Conservation Congress in Barcelona and the Convention on Biological Diversity have been followed up on and enacted.

Brazil - Update to CERD regarding the situation of indigenous peoples in Raposa Serra do Sol

Report summarizes events that have taken place since February 2009, including an important Supreme Court decision which had the immediate effect of allowing for the removal of the remaining non-indigenous occupants from RSS, but which may have negative impacts on indigenous peoples in Brazil as a whole in the long run.Submission by Conselho Indígena de Roraima, Rainforest Foundation US, and Forest Peoples Programme

Submission to CERD on the urgent situation of the Achuar people in Rio Corrientes, Peru

Report about the grave situation over the last two months in the Amazon resulting in numerous deaths, injuries and disappeared persons. Information provided in support of CERD's forthcoming review of the Achuar matter, as well as in the context of their comprehensive examination of Peru’s latest periodic report, scheduled for the August 2009 session.Submission by FECONACO, Racimos and Forest Peoples Programme