5 nouvelles plaintes contre la plus grande compagnie d’huile de palme d’Indonésie

Des ONG indonésiennes, libériennes et internationales viennent de soumettre cinq nouvelles plaintes (ci-jointes) contre Golden Agri Resources (GAR), la plus grande entreprise de production d’huile de palme en Indonésie. D’après les ONG, GAR, qui fait partie de l’énorme conglomérat Sinar Mas (Golden Rays) – sous le contrôle de la famille Widjaja, avec des intérêts dans des secteurs allant de l’huile de palme et de la pulpe à papier à l’immobilier et au secteur banquier – échoue à se mettre en conformité avec les normes RSPO.

Video: The human impact of the palm oil industry in Indonesia

This video is part of the Global Network for Advanced Management's Palm Oil 2016 online case study and features Marcus Colchester of the Forest Peoples Programme as he outlines the human impact of the Indonesian palm oil industry.

New video exposes reality of oil palm land grabs in Indonesia

Jail is the reward for Momonus and Jamaludin to defend their ancestral lands. For 12 years already these Semunying indigenous territories have been controlled by P.T. In Ledo Lestari. Their dense forest had been turned into a palm oil plantation landscape. Although they have been persecuted and abused in their ancestral land, their fight is not extinguished.

Oil Palm Free Islands

From outsiders to political representatives, the indigenous struggle in the Mentawai islands is a 20 year struggle to be heard. We learn through the eyes of Gugen, a future Indigenous leader, as he meets the villagers, shamens, newspaper & radio stations that unify these threatened islands.

Oil Palm Free Islands from Handcrafted Films on Vimeo.

New film highlights the struggle faced by the Pandumaan and Sipituhuta community in North Sumatra

'From our Ancestors' is a very powerful and moving story about the Pandumaan and Sipituhuta community in North Sumatra, Indonesia. They are fighting to stop the growth of pulp plantations owned by PT Toba Pulp Lestari. Previously formerly affiliated with pulp and paper giant, Asia Pacific Resources International Limited (APRIL) and its parent Royal Golden Eagle (RGE), and is still controlled by notorious Indonesian business tycoon Sukanto Tanoto through holding companies.

New film highlights the struggle faced by the Panduamaan and Sipituhuta community in North Sumatra

Bagaimana kertas pulp menjadi rantai penyebab konflik? Sekelompok pria di Indonesia ditangkap dan dipukuli karena menuntut hak untuk memanen pohon kemenyan yang menjadi sumber pendapatan mereka ketika perusahaan bubur kertas menghancurkan dan meratakan hutan kemenyan mereka – saat ini, wanita seperti Rusmedia menjadi pemimpin meneruskan perjuangan mereka. Cari tahu lebih dalam mengenai film ini: 


Video: Rethinking Foreign Direct Investments in Agriculture in South East Asia

This video, produced by the UNDP-UNEP Poverty-Environment Initiative (PEI), includes interviews with individuals from various NGOs, including FPP and Sawit Watch, during the Public Forum on Inclusive, Sustainable Foreign Direct Investments in Agriculture in South East Asia which took place in Bangkok in March 2013.