Request for Consideration of the implications for the Indigenous Forest Peoples of Cameroon from the imminent adoption of a racially discriminatory new Forest Law, under the UN CERD's Urgent Action and Early Warning Procedures

The purpose of this request is to bring to the UN Committee on the Elimination of Racial Discrimination (UN CERD)'s attention the imminent enactment of a new Forest Law in Cameroon. The submitting organisations (Okani, CED and Forest Peoples Programme) highlight that both the process of reform and the contents of the proposed new law are racially discriminatory towards indigenous peoples.

Demande d’examen des implications de l’adoption imminente d’une nouvelle loi forestière racialement discriminatoire pour les peuples autochtones tributaires de la forêt du Cameroun au titre des procédures d’alerte rapide et d’intervention d’urgence et des

L’objectif de la présente demande est de soumettre à l’attention du Comité des Nations Unies pour l’élimination de la discrimination raciale la promulgation imminente d’une nouvelle loi forestière. Les Organisations (Okani, CED et FPP) soulignent que tant le processus de réforme que les contenus de la nouvelle proposition de loi sont racialement discriminatoires à l’égard des peuples autochtones.

Indigenous Peoples and United Nations Human Rights Bodies - A Compilation of UN Treaty Body Jurisprudence and the Recommendations of the Human Rights Council. Volume V: 2011-2012

This document contains Volume V of the series of compilations of United Nations human rights bodies’ jurisprudence pertaining to indigenous peoples and covers the years 2011 and 2012. It includes all of the UN treaty bodies and the recommendations of the Human Rights Council and its Special Procedures, and the Advice of the Expert Mechanism on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples.