New film highlights the struggle faced by the Pandumaan and Sipituhuta community in North Sumatra

'From our Ancestors' is a very powerful and moving story about the Pandumaan and Sipituhuta community in North Sumatra, Indonesia. They are fighting to stop the growth of pulp plantations owned by PT Toba Pulp Lestari. Previously formerly affiliated with pulp and paper giant, Asia Pacific Resources International Limited (APRIL) and its parent Royal Golden Eagle (RGE), and is still controlled by notorious Indonesian business tycoon Sukanto Tanoto through holding companies.

New film highlights the struggle faced by the Panduamaan and Sipituhuta community in North Sumatra

Bagaimana kertas pulp menjadi rantai penyebab konflik? Sekelompok pria di Indonesia ditangkap dan dipukuli karena menuntut hak untuk memanen pohon kemenyan yang menjadi sumber pendapatan mereka ketika perusahaan bubur kertas menghancurkan dan meratakan hutan kemenyan mereka – saat ini, wanita seperti Rusmedia menjadi pemimpin meneruskan perjuangan mereka. Cari tahu lebih dalam mengenai film ini: 


Indonesia: Asia Pulp and Paper security guards beat farmers’ union activist to death

In the afternoon of Friday 27th February seven security personnel contracted to guard one of Asia Pulp and Paper’s Acacia plantations in the district of Tebo, Jambi Province on the island of Sumatra, beat, then abducted and killed an activist from a local farmers’ union. According to preliminary reports, the altercation occurred when the guards tried to prevent Mr Indra Pelani from entering the plantation.

Accountability undermined with the new World Bank proposals

In a collective NGO statement, the Centre for International Environmental Law (CIEL), Accountability Counsel and Centre for Research on Multinational Corporations (SOMO) raise concerns about the impact of the proposed safeguards on the Bank’s accountability for its investments, with particular focus on ESS10 on consultation and stakeholder engagement.Dear Safeguards Team,