Loss of land is not the only challenge faced by Uganda’s Batwa women

In Uganda, many Batwa are homeless and isolated from their forests. For the women of the community, the situation is particularly challenging; rather than being able to gather foods from the forest, they must walk from one place to another in search of shelter, food and poorly paid work. Violence and discrimination are rife.

New paper by Marcus Colchester: Legal obstacles to territorial rights recognition, sustainable production and conservation on forest peoples’ lands

FPP's founder and Senior Policy Advisor, Marcus Colchester, has published a paper on "Legal obstacles to territorial rights recognition, sustainable commodity production and forest conservation on forest peoples’ lands in Southeast Asia with a focus on Indonesia and Malaysia." The paper is published by Liverpool University Press.

Naciones Unidas pide al Gobierno de Ucayali derogar ordenanza que incrementará deforestación y tráfico de tierras del pueblo shipibo

La ONU ha pedido al Gobierno Regional de Ucayali la derogación de una ordenanza que iniciaría la remoción de protecciones sobre un área de 3.5 millones de hectáreas de la Amazonía y facilitaría la invasión de territorios indígenas. Eso expone a por lo menos 100,000 hectáreas a amenazas inmediatas de colonización y operaciones de agro-negocios.

In and Around Cameroon's protected areas

In recent years, the Government of Cameroon has negotiated access agreements (memoranda of understanding, MoUs) with Baka communities affected by a number of protected areas.

À l’intérieur et autour des aires protégées du Cameroun

Au cours des dernières années, l’État camerounais a négocié des accords d’accès et d’utilisation, communément appelés « Memoranda of Understanding » (MoU), avec les communautés Baka touchées par différentes aires protégées.