Two agri-business firms suspended in Palawan, Philippines

FPP would like to celebrate a heartening achievement by one of our partners CALG (Coalition Against Land Grabbing) in securing the suspension of an agribusiness development until impact assessments and FPIC are fully respected.

FPP Statement: The inclusion of key human rights defenders on the ‘terrorist’ petition in the Philippines is an unacceptable attack on the international human rights system

The Forest Peoples Programme is shocked and dismayed at the inclusion of key human rights defenders in the recent Philippines Government petition labelling a large number of individuals in the Philippines as ‘terrorists’. The inclusion of these individuals, and those similarly dedicated to the peaceful realisation of human rights, constitutes an attack on the struggle of indigenous peoples for equitable realisation of their rights, including their rights to lands, resources, cultures and collective futures.

Declaración del FPP: La inclusión de destacados defensores de los derechos humanos en una petición del Gobierno de Filipinas calificándolos de «terroristas» es un ataque inaceptable al sistema internacional de derechos humanos

El Forest Peoples Programme (Programa para los Pueblos de los Bosques) es una organización de defensa de los derechos humanos que durante décadas se ha dedicado a trabajar con organizaciones y movimientos indígenas y de pueblos de los bosques para promover los derechos humanos.