Securing Forests, Securing rights: Report of the International Workshop on Deforestation and the Rights of Forest Peoples

The global forest crisis is worsening and infringements of the rights of indigenous peoples and forest-dependent communities are rising, according to a detailed assessment of nine country cases. Climate change mitigation and conservation policies must place community land rights and human rights centre-stage if they are to achieve the goal of sustainably reducing deforestation says the report.

Safeguards and the Private Sector: Emerging lessons from voluntary standards and commodity roundtables

Public indignation about the depredations of ill-regulated business has led to a growing recognition of the responsibilities of businesses to respect human rights, as well as the need for stronger regulations to improve the way products are made and ensure that environments and peoples’ rights are respected and protected. There is now greater awareness that what is urgently needed is strengthened environmental stewardship and land governance, reforms of land tenure, and improved enforcement of revised and just laws.

Normas voluntarias del sector privado

La indignación pública ante los expolios de negocios mal regulados ha conducido a un creciente reconocimiento de la responsabilidad de las empresas de respetar los derechos humanos, y de que se necesitan  regulaciones más estrictas para mejorar la forma en que se fabrican los productos y asegurar que el medio ambiente y los derechos de los pueblos son respetados y protegidos.

Les normes volontaires du secteur privé

L’indignation générale concernant les déprédations d’un commerce mal réglementé a conduit à la reconnaissance croissante des responsabilités des entreprises de respecter les droits humains, ainsi que de la nécessité de réglementations renforcées afin d’améliorer la façon dont les produits sont fabriqués et de s’assurer que l’environnement et les droits des personnes soient respectés et protégés.

Free, Prior and Informed Consent - Making FPIC work for Forests and Peoples

The right of indigenous peoples to give or withhold their free prior and informed consent to projects, laws and policies that may affect their rights is affirmed in international law. Making this right effective is more challenging: and what should private sector companies do to ensure they respect this right? This 'scoping paper'has been prepared by FPP for The Forests Dialogue to stimulate an interactive discussion about how to respect FPIC in practice among all those concerned about forests and rights.

Scoping paper prepared for The Forest Dialogue's (TFD) FPIC Initiative.

Forjando un espacio de negociación pueblos indígenas, representación colectiva y el derecho al consentimiento libre, previo e informado

Esta ponencia ilustra los problemas comunes que los pueblos indígenas enfrentan y las diversas soluciones que han desarrollado para responder a estos retos, basándose en unas investigaciones participativas llevadas a cabo en colaboración con organizaciones indígenas en Guyana, India, Venezuela e Indonesia.Traducción al español: febrero de 2006