Kenyan Government’s forced evictions threaten cultural survival of the Sengwer

The lead article in the last FPP E-Newsletter focused on the superb progress the Ogiek of Chepkitale, Mount Elgon, Kenya, have made in their efforts to secure their forests and livelihoods by writing down their sustainability bylaws and embarking on the process of enforcing them. This process has resulted in their arresting charcoal burners, and the Kenya Forest Service (KFS) has now begun to restrict some of the charcoal burners’, as well as encroaching agriculturalist activities that were leading to the destruction of the indigenous forest. 

Penggusuran paksa oleh pemerintah Kenya mengancam kelangsungan budaya masyarakat Sengwer

Artikel utama dalam Lembar Berita Elektronik FPP yang lalu berfokus pada kemajuan luar biasa yang dicapai masyarakat Ogiek dari Chepkitale, Gunung Elgon, Kenya, dalam upaya mereka untuk mengamankan hutan dan mata pencaharian mereka dengan menuliskan aturan-aturan keberlanjutan mereka dan memulai proses untuk memberlakukannya. Proses ini telah menghasilkan penangkapan para pembakar arang, dan Dinas Kehutanan Kenya (KFS) kini telah mulai membatasi aktivitas sebagian pembakar arang, serta aktivitas perambahan yang dilakukan para petani yang menimbulkan pengrusakan hutan adat.

Urgent appeal against the forced eviction of Sengwer communities in Kenya

We are deeply concerned by the forced evictions of the 6,000-7,000 Sengwer indigenous people and other communities in Embobut Forest in the Cherangany Hills (Elgeyo Marakwet County, Kenya).

For many years the Government has been trying to move the indigenous inhabitants of Embobut off their land by burning their homes. They have done this in the name of a fortress conservation approach which seeks to remove local people from their lands. As IUCN and all pre-eminent conservation organisations now acknowledge, such an approach only ever makes the environmental situation worse, and adds a human rights disaster to the environmental crisis. The new President has taken what at first appeared to be a new approach: he came in November and promised them a small amount of money to move, however now that it is clear people are refusing to move, this is being followed up with this threat of imminent eviction.