Companies clear 'High Conservation Value (HCV) areas' in Indonesia

Companies in Indonesia have been allegedly clearing designated 'High Conservation Value (HCV) areas', rather than managing them appropriately in order to maintain or enhance the identified values of the area. HCV areas include areas important for communities' livelihoods, identities and environmental services.

Des entreprises défrichent des "zones à haute valeur de conservation" (HVC) en Indonésie

En Indonésie, des entreprises auraient défriché des zones désignées comme "zones à haute valeur de conservation (HVC)", au lieu de les gérer de manière adéquate afin de préserver ou d'améliorer les valeurs identifiées dans cette zone. Les zones HVC incluent des zones importantes pour les moyens d'existence, l'identité et les services environnementaux des communautés.

HCV and the RSPO: Report of an independent investigation into the effectiveness of the application of High Conservation Value zoning in palm oil development in Indonesia

This report summarises the findings of a field investigation and legal study which shows how voluntary efforts by companies to set aside areas for community livelihoods and for conservation are being frustrated by the ill-fit between the RSPO's procedures - using the 'High Conservation Values' approach - and national laws and procedures. The Roundtable on Sustainable Palm Oil (RSPO) is to meet in Kuala Lumpur from 1-4 November 2009.