Liberia's forestry law in an international context - Reasons for concern

FPP analysis of the Liberian Forestry Law within the context of international human rights and environmental law. The report recommends retaining the current moratorium on timber exportation until issues such as land tenure and community rights have been clearly defined and safeguards are in place to ensure that income from logging will benefit the people of Liberia.

Protecting and encouraging customary use of biological resources by the Baka in the west of the Dja Biosphere Reserve - Cameroon 10(c) Case Study

Contribution to the implementation of Article 10(c) of the Convention on Biological Diversity. Four Baka communities mapped their use of their forests using GIS. These maps, together with an outline of the local administrative and socio-political structures and a record of Baka beliefs and rituals, identify the tension between communities’ customary forest use and conservation objectives. This report aims to help improve implementation of the CBD in Cameroon.