Justice for defenders of Pari Island

Pari Islanders fighting the occupation of their territory were given a glimmer of hope last month after a prominent environmental defender, Pak Sulaiman, was found not guilty of a land breach.

Rapport de lancement du projet « Navigateur Autochtone, données des Peuples Autochtones »

Du 10 au 15 septembre 2017, s’est tenu à Yaoundé, dans la salle de conférence du Monastère Bénédiction du Mont Fébé, l’atelier de lancement du projet « Navigateur Autochtone : Données des Peuples Autochtones », co-organisé par Forest Peoples Programme (FPP) et l’Association Okani, avec l’appui financier de l’Union Européenne (UE). Cet évènement a connu la participation de la plateforme GBABANDI (des membres de l’ASBAK, ABAWONI, ADEBAKA, ABEGUENI, ARBO, Bouma Bo Kpode, CADDAP, l’Association Okani), et des médias.

Two agri-business firms suspended in Palawan, Philippines

FPP would like to celebrate a heartening achievement by one of our partners CALG (Coalition Against Land Grabbing) in securing the suspension of an agribusiness development until impact assessments and FPIC are fully respected.

Search for justice gains ground as two found guilty for the killing of Colombian Indigenous leader

On November 7, partial justice was achieved in the case of the assassination April 7, 2015 of Fernando Salazar Calvo, Indigenous leader of the Resguardo Indígena Cañamomo Lomaprieta, Caldas, Colombia: a judge sentenced two men to terms of between 20 and 40 years of jail for carrying out the assassination and carrying weapons illegally, yet the intellectual author who ordered the killing remains at large, and the investigation continues.