Indonesia: Asia Pulp and Paper security guards beat farmers’ union activist to death

In the afternoon of Friday 27th February seven security personnel contracted to guard one of Asia Pulp and Paper’s Acacia plantations in the district of Tebo, Jambi Province on the island of Sumatra, beat, then abducted and killed an activist from a local farmers’ union. According to preliminary reports, the altercation occurred when the guards tried to prevent Mr Indra Pelani from entering the plantation.


Beradasarkan hasil interview 17 masyarakat terdampak di Indonesia, mengungkap masalah dalam pelaksanaan komitmen, sementara itu ratusan konflik masih belum terselesaikan

San Fransisco, CA – Sebuah study lapangan untuk menginvestigasi Kinerja Asia Pulp dan Paper, menyediakan masukan terhadap evaluasi kemajuan APP dalam memenuhi komitmen tanggungjawab social, dan membuat rekomendasi terhadap perusahaan berdasarkan bukti – bukti lapangan yang ditemukan selama penelitian, bahwa agar APP membuat langkah –langkah yang tepat untuk menyelesaikan konflik-konflik yang ada.

Indonesia: controversial pulp and paper giant APP comes under scrutiny as it plans expansion but makes new promises

Asia Pulp and Paper (APP) is coming under intensifying scrutiny over its renewed promises to bring its giant mills and supply chains into compliance with best practice norms for sustainability and its new promises that it will respect the rights of local communities and indigenous peoples. Recently, Marcus Colchester, as Co-Chair of the High Conservation Values Resource Network and Director of FPP, and Patrick Anderson, FPP's Policy Advisor in Indonesia, met with APP's Head of Sustainability, Aida Greenbury, and her team of advisers and consultants, to clarify the company's commitments.

Social conflict and environmental disaster A report on Asia Pulp and Paper's operations in Sumatra, Indonesia

By Rivani Noor and Rully Syumanda - discusses the social, economic and environmental impacts of APP's operations. Chapter One - an overview of Indonesia's forestry industry development paradigm, which led to the industrial tree plantation policy (or Hutan Tanaman Industri [HTI]) to satisfy the pulp and paper industry's demand for raw materials. Two - an overview of APP and its operations in Sumatra. Three - the environmental impacts of APP's operations in the provinces of Riau and Jambi.