Protecting forests, natural ecosystems and human rights: a case for EU action

In its Communication on “Stepping up EU Action to Protect and Restore the World’s Forests”, published on 23rd July 2019, the European Commission recognised that the EU consumption represents around 10% of the global share of deforestation embodied in total final consumption of commodities such as palm oil, beef, soy, cocoa, maize, timber and rub

All eyes on the incoming European Commission to step up action to eliminate human rights violations, land grabbing and deforestation from EU supply chains

The long-awaited European Commission Communication on deforestation opens the door for regulation of EU commodity supply chains, in order to protect and restore the world’s forests. On the downside, the Communication lacks the ambition and additional actionable commitments required to tackle the global forest and climate crisis. We share our views.

Indigenous leaders and human rights defenders demand urgent EU action on deforestation

After taking part in meetings with the Amsterdam Declarations Partnership and DG Trade to present rights-based solutions for achieving deforestation-free trade, the 'Closing the Gap' delegation are travelling to Brussels to deliver a petition signed by 160,000 people urging EC President Jean-Claude Juncker to uphold the European Union’s international commitment to halt deforestation by 2020 by supporting an EU Action Plan to protect forests and respect forest peoples’ rights.

Nuevo Director del Programa para los Pueblos de los Bosques

Nos complace anunciar que el Programa para los Pueblos de los Bosques (FPP, por sus siglas en inglés) ha nombrado a James Whitehead como su nuevo Director.  James se une a nuestro equipo internacional de 55 personas en abril de 2018, y dirigirá el desarrollo y la comunicación de un claro abordaje estratégico a través del trabaj

Nouvel Administrateur de Forest Peoples Programme

Nous sommes ravis d’annoncer que Forest Peoples Programme a nommé James Whitehead, son nouvel Administrateur.James a rejoint notre équipe internationale de 55 membres en avril 2018 et dirige

New environmental and social standards at the World Bank and the AIIB

A recent Position paper by the German Institute for Human Rights argues that the newly developed standards of the multilateral Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank (AIIB) and of the World Bank fall short in many respects of the human rights commitments that the Federal Government has imposed on itself. If Germany wishes to achieve the objectives it has set for itself, it will have to conduct its own human rights assessment of projects, and close monitoring of project implementation will be equally necessary.

UK government to refine proposals for bilateral deforestation and climate fund

The launch of a long-awaited new British fund for tackling deforestation drivers in forest nations is still on hold as UK government agencies continue to finalise the business case for the initiative. Meanwhile, UK NGOs have continued to press the government to ensure transparency in the governance structure for the fund, which is to be geared towards supporting tropical countries to combat deforestation and curb land use emissions. 

El Gobierno del Reino Unido perfeccionará sus propuestas para un fondo bilateral dedicado a la deforestación y el clima

El lanzamiento de un fondo británico muy esperado para hacer frente a los impulsores de la deforestación en naciones con abundancia de bosques sigue en suspenso mientras los organismos públicos pertinentes continúan finalizando los fundamentos comerciales para esta iniciativa. Mientras tanto, una serie de ONG británicas han seguido presionando al Gobierno para que asegure la transparencia de la estructura de gobernanza del fondo, que va a ser encauzado hacia el apoyo a países tropicales para que combatan la deforestación y contengan las emisiones debidas al uso de la tierra.