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Indigenous leaders in the Amazon face death threats as community files lawsuit against Peruvian government for violation of their land rights

26 May, 2016

26th May, Pucallpa, Peru. Leaders of the Shipibo indigenous village of Santa Clara de Uchunya, accompanied by their representative organisation FECONAU, filed a constitutional law suit challenging Peru’s regional government authorities for failing to secure legal protection of their traditional lands and enabling its acquisition and clearance by an international agribusiness company.1 

Plantaciones de Pucallpa SAC, an agribusiness company affiliated to the Melka commercial group appears to have begun acquiring the lands since 2012. Since that point, satellite images show that more than 5,000 ha of forest have been cleared to pave the way for an oil palm plantation.2  

AIDESEP insists that IDB land titling programme which threatens to undermine indigenous land rights must be suspended while formal complaint is ongoing

25 May, 2016

Lima, 17th May. AIDESEP, Peru’s national indigenous Amazonian peoples’ organisation, has written a letter to the Inter-American Development Bank’s (IDB) executive directors urging them to suspend the PTRT3 project, an $80 million land titling programme, while a formal complaint about the project is ongoing.

Human rights experts set the record straight for the World Bank

23 May, 2016

Indigenous rights experts have written to the World Bank President and Executive Board to underscore the importance of the World Bank adopting a standard of free, prior and informed consent for indigenous peoples potentially affected by development initiatives funded by the Bank. In the letter, the experts point out that the existing standard of Broad Community Support used by the Bank has failed to improve outcomes for development initiatives, and is a standard that is implemented ineffectively and inconsistently across the Bank’s portfolio. 

Press Release: Amerindian Peoples Association calls for Government of Guyana to secure full extent of traditional lands

19 May, 2016

GEORGETOWN, May 13, 2016: The Amerindian Peoples Association (APA) held its 9th General Assembly on 10-12 May 2016 in the village of Pakuri, Region 4. The main issues discussed during the assembly included land rights, climate change, and the various social and environmental issues affecting indigenous communities throughout the country. The assembly also highlighted the proactive measures communities are engaged in to build a stronger, greener, and more just Guyana.

Peruvian environmental prosecutor documents Plantaciones de Pucallpa’s violation of government suspension order

17 May, 2016

Indigenous activists under threat

Urgent update:  A video (Spanish only) recording a formal visit to the oil palm plantation of Plantaciones de Pucallpa in Ucayali by Peruvian environmental prosecutors and officials documents how the company has continued to maintain and cultivate its plantation operations in violation of the suspension order of the Ministry of Agriculture issued in September 2015.  

Indigenous, community and civil society leaders call for action on human rights violations and land grabbing linked to global palm oil supply chains.

4 May, 2016

See below for press release in Spanish

At an event in London, indigenous and civil society leaders call for an end to human rights violations and land grabbing linked to millions of tons of palm oil imported into Europe every year, calls for enforceable standards to stop abuses.

Palm oil destruction is real: we need enforceable standards to stop abuses

2 May, 2016

A recent posting by the so-called ‘Palm Oil Fact Checker’ questions the motives behind Forest Peoples Programme’s recent sponsorship of indigenous peoples and local NGOs from Indonesia, Cameroon, Liberia, Colombia and Peru to come to Europe. This note is to set the record straight.

Yerisiam Gua people of Papua face down land grabs and intimidation by palm oil company

28 April, 2016

INDONESIA: The Yerisiam Gua, an indigenous people in Nabire district in Indonesian Papua have filed a complaint with the Roundtable on Sustainable Palm Oil against the palm oil developer, PT Nabire Baru.

Palm oil industry group orders company to halt Peru planting

26 April, 2016

Source: Reuters - Tue, 26 Apr 2016 00:58 GMT, Author: Reuters

LIMA, April 25 (Reuters) - A palm oil industry body on Monday ordered a member company with a 5,000 hectare (12,355 acre) concession in Peru to stop developing new plantations until it can prove it has not cleared any primary forest.

The dispute comes amid growing concerns from environmentalist and indigenous communities about the rapid expansion of oil palm plantations in the Peruvian Amazon in recent years.

Press Release: RSPO orders palm oil company to stop work in Shipibo territory in the Peruvian Amazon

26 April, 2016

LONDON, 26th April 2016: On the 25th April the complaints panel of the RSPO (Round table on Sustainable Palm Oil) issued a preliminary ‘Stop work order’ to Plantaciones de Pucallpa, one of its Peruvian members, whose operations are affecting the territory of the Shipibo community of Santa Clara de Uchunya in the Ucayali region of the Peruvian Amazon.