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United Nations recognises sustained work of Wapichan people to defend land and forests

30 November, 2015

Paris, 26 November 2015 – The Wapichan people in Guyana, South America, have received the prestigious Equator Prize from the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) in recognition of their prolonged efforts to legally secure their ancestral lands and conserve extensive rainforests and diverse wildlife habitats in the South Rupununi.

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Where They Stand

Fred Pearce
Forest Peoples Programme

26 October, 2015

Where They Stand details how Wapichan people in South America use modern technologies in struggle to secure land rights

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Letter from South and South Central Rupununi District Toshaos Council to Rt Hon Minister R Trotman

20 October, 2015

Wapichan Village Leaders and District Toshaos Council in Guyana call on the government to halt all mining activities affecting the southern portion of their territory until land and territorial rights are secured and proper safeguards for FPIC are put in place, October 2015:

Rt Hon Minister R Trotman, Ministry of Governance, Georgetown, Guyana

South and South Central Rupununi District Toshaos Council, c/o Shorinab Village, South Central Rupununi, Region 9, Guyana

Date: 20th October 2015

Dear Minister,

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FPP E-Newsletter July 2013 (PDF Version)


9 July, 2013

FPP E-Newsletter July 2013

Dear Friends,

Mutual recognition, mutual respect and mutual benefit are among the desirable attributes of all human relationships. Indigenous peoples and other forest peoples also expect these qualities in their relationships with others – be they governments, private corporations, NGOs or other indigenous peoples’ organisations and communities. This issue of Forest Peoples Programme’s E-Newsletter reports on the state of various relationships between forest peoples and different institutions – as these are forged, tested or broken –in the course of assertions for upholding basic human rights, social justice and solidarity.

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Guyana: Wapichan people speak up once again for their lands and forests

5 July, 2013

Water, fishery and forest resources on Wapichan lands in Guyana are threatened by the uncontrolled expansion of mining

In April and May 2013 the Wapichan people of southern Guyana sent clear messages to the government that all mining and other developments must respect their customary land rights and uphold the principle of free, prior and informed consent (FPIC). Wapichan villages are now in renewed dialogue with the government on measures needed to recognise and secure their lands, including plans for the establishment of a major community forest in the Upper Essequibo basin.

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Sharing knowledge: Indigenous organisations from Suriname and Guyana exchange community resource mapping and territorial management planning experiences

5 July, 2013

In March 2013 a delegation of six members of the Organisation of Kalin’a and Lokono peoples in Marowijne (KLIM) from Suriname travelled to the South Central and Deep South regions of Guyana to visit the Wapichan and Makushi people (united in SCPDA, the South Central Peoples Development Association) to exchange experiences and approaches related to community resource mapping and territorial management planning. The exchange visit between the Forest Peoples Programme partners demonstrated the great value and benefits of community-to-community learning. This was a long-standing wish of KLIM and SCPDA and was made possible through a grant from Siemenpuu Foundation. 

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Independent verification of the Guyana-Norway MoU on Low Carbon Development finds failures to meet commitments on indigenous peoples' rights and insufficient processes for consultation and FPIC

16 December, 2012

Between 1 October 2010 - 30 June 2012 the Rainforest Alliance carried out a second verification audit of progress related to indicators for the Guyana-Norway REDD+ Agreement. Their final report, which includes extracts from the Wapichan's territorial management plan on FPIC, can be viewed here

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Guyana Sunday Times Magazine: "An introduction to the work of a Rupununi NGO"

20 September, 2012

The Guyana Sunday Times Magazine have published an article about the work being carried out by the South Central People’s Development Association (SCPDA), as part of Amerindian Heritage Month.

Click here to read the full article to find out more about SCPDA's work.

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South Central People’s Development Association (SCPDA) Newsletter

11 September, 2012

SCPDA Newsletter

The South Central People’s Development Association (SCPDA), based in Guyana, have just released their latest newsletter containing information on what the organisation has been working on, and what their plans are for the future.

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Wapichan people in Guyana make community based agreements for protecting ancestral forests

Povo Wapichan

2 May, 2012

After years of painstaking work and multiple community consultations, the indigenous Wapichan people of southern Guyana have set out agreements and proposals for caring for their territory in a ground-breaking plan titled Baokopa’o wa di’itinpan wadauniinao ati’o nii (Thinking together for those coming behind us).

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