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Community organisations denounce assassination of Shawi leader, San Martin, Peru and call for resolution of land conflicts, [document only available in Spanish]

14 April, 2014





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Tebtebba E-Newsletter: Mexico's Mixe People Coping with Climate Change and Defining Own Development

25 February, 2014

Tebtebba February 2014 E-Newsletter

Source: Tebtebba Indigenous Information Service

The cool mountain climate of a large part of the Mexican southern state of Oaxaca, home to about a million indigenous Mixe people, is now getting warmer—a situation that has proved to be both a boon and a bane for the upland farming folk.

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FPP E-Newsletter February 2014 (PDF Version)


18 February, 2014

FPP E-Newsletter February 2014

Dear friends,

The UN General Assembly during its 69th session, on 22-23 September  this year, will convene a high-level plenary meeting - the World Conference on Indigenous Peoples  – to review the implementation of the UN Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples (UNDRIP) since its adoption in 2007, and to identify outstanding issues and actions pertaining to indigenous peoples and development.

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Violations of Indigenous Peoples' Territorial Rights: The Example of Costa Rica

Fergus MacKay and Alancay Morales Garro (Forest Peoples Programme)

17 February, 2014

Violations of Indigenous Peoples' Territorial Rights: The Example of Costa Rica

This study explores the issues of widespread illegal occupation of indigenous lands on a national scale. Approximately 6000 non-indigenous persons are occupying at least 43% of the areas belonging exclusively to indigenous peoples.

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Indigenous Women of the Americas - Methodological and conceptual guidelines to confront situations of multiple discrimination

Multiple NGO's

17 February, 2014

Indigenous Women of the Americas

This document, presents guidelines for working with indigenous women, which were collectively created from experiences in Canada, Mexico, Colombia and Argentina. We hope that our efforts will contribute to the building of a detailed methodology to deal with discrimination against Indigenous Women both when bringing cases to justice and when conducting research.

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Indigenous women of the Americas fighting against discrimination

17 February, 2014

Workshop in Jujuy, Argentina

Indigenous and human rights organisations from across the Americas are working together to develop a specific methodology for investigating, documenting and fighting indigenous women's cases through the justice system. The organisations involved include ONIC, the National Indigenous Organisation of Colombia; COAJ, the Board of Indigenous Organisations of Jujuy (Argentina); SER, Mixe People's Services (Mexico); QNW, Quebec Native Women (Canada); and AJDH, Lawyers for Justice and Human Rights (Mexico). This work is being carried out within the framework of a project called Ethnic and gender-based discrimination in the Americas: the case of indigenous women.

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Venezuela: thousands of illegal and armed miners invade Ye'kwana and Sanema lands in Upper Caura

11 February, 2014

A new report from the Centro de Investigaciones Ecológicas de Venezuela (CIEV) documents the incursion of armed bands of foreign miners in the Upper Caura river, an area the Government long ago agreed be set aside for the Sanema and Ye'kwana indigenous peoples.

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Pre Congreso Mesoamericano de Áreas Protegidas por Pueblos Indígenas, “Bosques para Siempre”, 17 y 18 de marzo 2014, San José, Costa Rica

7 February, 2014

El Pre Congreso Mesoamericano de Áreas Protegidas por Pueblos Indígenas: “Bosques para Siempre”, organizado por la Alianza Mesoamericana de Pueblos y Bosques, tiene como objetivo entablar un diálogo entorno a la Agenda de Derechos Territoriales de los pueblos indígenas y comunidades forestales de la región. 

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Camisea project expansion plans given green light by Peruvian Government

29 January, 2014

On 27 January 2014, Peru's Ministry of Energy and Mines formally approved the Camisea gas project's expansion plans within the Kugapakori, Nahua and Nanti Reserve after the Ministry of Culture finally gave its endorsement of the project.

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AIDESEP calls for modification of Peruvian Forestry Law which threatens indigenous peoples’ lands and rights

23 January, 2014

The executive committee of AIDESEP (the national indigenous peoples organisation of the Peruvian Amazon) has issued a critical analysis of the proposed regulations for Peru’s new Forestry Law. The analysis highlights some of its improvements including measures to enable state procurement of community forest products and the requirement of concession owners to include an assessment of their impact on surrounding areas in their management plans. However, it highlights that the observations made consistently over many years by indigenous organisations remain unincorporated.

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