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Chico Vive! Conference eBook

28 September, 2015

Chico Mendes

The Cambridge Institutes Press (CIP) is pleased to release the eBook Chico Vive!.  It is available for download in PDF form, free of charge.  Please click on this link CHICO VIVE! to obtain your complimentary copy.

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Revealing the Hidden: Indigenous Perspectives on Deforestation in the Peruvian Amazon

Forest Peoples Programme

4 December, 2014

Revealing the Hidden


The report, Revealing the Hidden: Indigenous perspectives on deforestation in the Peruvian Amazon was compiled by Peru’s national indigenous peoples’ organisation (AIDESEP) and international human rights organisation, Forest Peoples Programme (FPP) and is based on the analysis and perspectives of Peru’s indigenous leaders and organisations whose lives, lands and livelihoods are threatened by deforestation on a daily basis.

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Speaking out: Indigenous women leaders in Peru

30 September, 2015

In this video, Nery Zapata speaks about the difficulties of being a woman from a minority group in Atalaya, leading the indigenous local organization. As President of CORPIAA and Coordinator of the Veeduría, she has an important role. Reaching and remaining in her position has required self-confidence and determination, as is evidenced from her words. The video also features Patricia Cachique, an indigenous leader from the native community Boca Apinihua.

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The Indigenous Wampis people of the Upper Amazon in Peru establish their own autonomous self governing body

28 September, 2015

The Indigenous Wampis people of the Upper Amazon in Peru establish their own autonomous self governing  body to control and oversee their integral
territory. The Wampis communities reject large dam, road and hydrocarbon projects in their territory, (Statements and resolutions available in Spanish only).

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Statement A

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Report on the grave and persistent violation of indigenous peoples' rights in Costa Rica

16 July, 2015

This report addresses the pattern of pervasive, long-standing and inter-connected violations or denials of the rights of indigenous peoples in the Republic of Costa Rica, and the ongoing situation of impunity in which they occur and persist.

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Report on the situation of indigenous tribal peoples in Suriname

16 July, 2015

A Report on the Situation of Indigenous and Tribal Peoples in Suriname and Comments on Suriname’s 13th ‐ 15th Periodic Reports (CERD/C/SUR/13‐15)

Committee on the Elimination of Racial Discrimination, 87th Session (2015)


The Association of Indigenous Village Leaders in Suriname
The Association of Saramaka Authorities
The Forest Peoples Programme

14 July 2015

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Guyana Article: Gold For Green Forests

9 July, 2015

The large-scale hunt for gold not only destroys rainforest in Guyana, it also threatens a deal for billions in funds from Norway

Read the full article on the Forest Peoples Programme Oximity page here

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Venezuela: Indigenous peoples call again for recognition of their territorial rights and an end to mining on their lands

8 June, 2015

On 4th June, the regional organisation of the indigenous peoples of the Amazon in Venezuela (ORPIA) issued an appeal to President Maduro and the national administration to halt the mining that is destroying the lands and livelihoods of the indigenous peoples of the States of Amazonas and Bolivar.

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Forthcoming Publication: Where They Stand

1 June, 2015

They are bound to that land, and they are its true custodians.”

Written by author and journalist Fred Pearce, Where They Stand reveals the reality of life for the Wapichan people. With detailed observations, Pearce documents their determined efforts to secure effective recognition of their customary land rights covering extensive rainforests in the Upper Essequibo basin and savannah grasslands, dry tropical forests and montane forest in the South Rupununi District of Guyana.

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