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Press Release: Amerindian Peoples Association calls for Government of Guyana to secure full extent of traditional lands

19 May, 2016

GEORGETOWN, May 13, 2016: The Amerindian Peoples Association (APA) held its 9th General Assembly on 10-12 May 2016 in the village of Pakuri, Region 4. The main issues discussed during the assembly included land rights, climate change, and the various social and environmental issues affecting indigenous communities throughout the country. The assembly also highlighted the proactive measures communities are engaged in to build a stronger, greener, and more just Guyana.

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Press Release: Wapichan people in Guyana join Global Call to Action on Indigenous and Community Land Rights to boost efforts to secure their lands

7 March, 2016

Wapichan GCA

Georgetown, March 3rd: More than one hundred people from 15 communities of the indigenous Wapichan people of the South Rupununi District of Guyana, South America, have gathered on 2nd and 3rd March to celebrate joining a global campaign in support of indigenous peoples and community land rights.

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Climate project may end with rainforest destruction

21 January, 2016

The flagship of Norway's rainforest initiative in Guyana could be replaced by mining, logging and large-scale deforestation. The Amaila Falls hydro power plant may not be constructed due to the economic risk. However, the Guyanese government now wants to use the road leading to the site, which has already been built, to extract minerals and timber from the pristine rainforest.

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United Nations recognises sustained work of Wapichan people to defend land and forests

30 November, 2015

Paris, 26 November 2015 – The Wapichan people in Guyana, South America, have received the prestigious Equator Prize from the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) in recognition of their prolonged efforts to legally secure their ancestral lands and conserve extensive rainforests and diverse wildlife habitats in the South Rupununi.

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Indigenous peoples in Guyana call for strong protections for customary land rights and application of FPIC in timber trade agreement with the EU

24 November, 2015

In two newly released reports, indigenous leaders point out that the current concession allocations system in Guyana is unjust, severely flawed and facilitated by a national legal framework that does not fully respect their internationally protected rights to their customary lands and resources.

The foreign companies come and they have legal rights and we the people who have been living here all the time do not have legal rights.” [Resident, Kwebanna village]

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Where They Stand

Fred Pearce
Forest Peoples Programme

26 October, 2015

Where They Stand details how Wapichan people in South America use modern technologies in struggle to secure land rights

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Letter from South and South Central Rupununi District Toshaos Council to Rt Hon Minister R Trotman

20 October, 2015

Wapichan Village Leaders and District Toshaos Council in Guyana call on the government to halt all mining activities affecting the southern portion of their territory until land and territorial rights are secured and proper safeguards for FPIC are put in place, October 2015:

Rt Hon Minister R Trotman, Ministry of Governance, Georgetown, Guyana

South and South Central Rupununi District Toshaos Council, c/o Shorinab Village, South Central Rupununi, Region 9, Guyana

Date: 20th October 2015

Dear Minister,

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Guyana Article: Gold For Green Forests

9 July, 2015

The large-scale hunt for gold not only destroys rainforest in Guyana, it also threatens a deal for billions in funds from Norway

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Forthcoming Publication: Where They Stand

1 June, 2015

They are bound to that land, and they are its true custodians.”

Written by author and journalist Fred Pearce, Where They Stand reveals the reality of life for the Wapichan people. With detailed observations, Pearce documents their determined efforts to secure effective recognition of their customary land rights covering extensive rainforests in the Upper Essequibo basin and savannah grasslands, dry tropical forests and montane forest in the South Rupununi District of Guyana.

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The Story of FLEGT in Guyana

14 May, 2015

This video is an adaptation of "The Story of FLEGT" produced by FERN for the context of Guyana.

FLEGT stands for Forest Law Enforcement, Governance and Trade. The European Union's FLEGT Action Plan was established in 2003. It aims to reduce illegal logging by strengthening sustainable and legal forest management, improving governance and promoting trade in legally produced timber. The video focuses on the status of the Voluntary Partnership Agreements (VPA) process in Guyana.

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