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Expansion of the Camisea gas project in the Peruvian Amazon

The Camisea project is already Peru’s biggest and most controversial hydrocarbons development, and now the government is promoting its expansion. A consortium headed by Argentine company Pluspetrol is planning to drill over 20 new wells and conduct intensive seismic tests in a concession called ‘Lot 88’ in the Camisea gas fields in the Amazon in south-east Peru, one of the most biodiverse regions in the world.

However, this region is home to indigenous peoples, some of whom are living in ‘voluntary isolation’ or in ‘initial contact’ with national society. Roughly three quarters of ‘Lot 88’ includes a reserve established to protect the lives and lands of these peoples by making it off-limits to extractive industries.

In addition, expansion is projected to involve a new concession, known as ‘Lot Fitzcarrald’, which not only includes further sections of the reserve but is slated to include parts of the renowned Manu National Park, a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

FPP is supporting indigenous organisations in Peru who are challenging the expansion of the Camisea project. This web page will feature up-to-date information about their efforts.

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Camisea project expansion plans given green light by Peruvian Government

29 January, 2014

On 27 January 2014, Peru's Ministry of Energy and Mines formally approved the Camisea gas project's expansion plans within the Kugapakori, Nahua and Nanti Reserve after the Ministry of Culture finally gave its endorsement of the project.

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Press Release - Violating rights and threatening lives: The Camisea gas project and indigenous peoples in voluntary isolation

21 January, 2014

Violating rights and threatening lives: The Camisea gas project and indigenous peoples in voluntary isolation

Groundbreaking research reveals severe impacts of the Camisea gas project on isolated indigenous peoples in the Peruvian Amazon

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Violating rights and threatening lives: The Camisea gas project and indigenous peoples in voluntary isolation

Forest Peoples Programme

20 January, 2014

Violating rights and threatening lives: The Camisea gas project and indigenous peoples in voluntary isolation

This report highlights the existing impacts of the Camisea gas project in the south-east Peruvian Amazon on indigenous peoples living in ‘voluntary isolation’ (‘isolated peoples’) in the Kugapakori-Nahua-Nanti and Others’ Reserve.

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Press Release: Peru’s Culture Ministry blocks expansion of country’s biggest gas project – but for how long?

5 December, 2013

Peru’s Ministry of Culture (MINCU) has issued a report that blocks, at least temporarily, the expansion of the country’s biggest gas project in the Amazon rainforest in a Reserve set aside for the protection of isolated indigenous peoples. 

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Indigenous organisations petition Peruvian government to protect the rights of isolated peoples before the Inter American Commission on Human Rights

22 November, 2013

On 1 November 2013 indigenous and civil society organisations from Peru including FENAMAD, AIDESEP, Derecho Ambiente y Recursos Naturales (DAR), and the National Human Rights Coordinator presented evidence in a hearing before the Inter-American Commission.

The petitioners documented the failure of the Peruvian government to provide effective protection for isolated indigenous peoples in Peru.

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Peru: Indigenous and human rights organisations demand that the State guarantee strict protection for indigenous peoples in isolation in the Kugapakori-Nahua-Nanti Reserve

23 October, 2013

In statements published in a Peruvian national newspaper and online, both AIDESEP (the national indigenous Amazonian organisation) and over 50 Peruvian and international civil society organisations, including Forest Peoples Programme, have reiterated their demand that the State establish strict measures for the protection of isolated peoples in Peru.

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Press Release: Photos reveal illegal clearings in ‘isolated’ indigenous peoples’ reserve in Peru’s Amazon

16 October, 2013


Photos in an internal report by a Peruvian government agency reveal illegal clearings in a reserve in the Amazon purportedly protecting indigenous peoples living in ‘voluntary isolation’ and ‘initial contact.’

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The Huffington Post: UN Says Peru's Gas Plans Could Threaten Indigenous Peoples

11 October, 2013

Source: The Huffington Post

A United Nations committee says that plans by Peru's government to expand a controversial gas project in the Amazon could threaten the 'physical and cultural survival' of indigenous peoples.

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Peruvian government u-turn paves way for illegal expansion of Camisea gas project

4 September, 2013

In an embarrassing u-turn the Peruvian Vice Ministry of Culture has withdrawn its formal observations on the proposed expansion of the Camisea gas project within a Reserve for isolated peoples which included the conclusions that the health, traditional economic activities and ways of life of the indigenous peoples in ‘initial contact’ and ‘voluntary isolation’ (‘isolated peoples’) in the region will be severely impacted and two of them, the Nanti and the Kirineri, could be made ‘extinct.’

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El País: Perú estudia si permite la explotación gasística en una reserva indígena

24 August, 2013

Fuente: El País

La reserva indígena Kugapakori, Nahua, Nanti es objeto de debate y de posiciones enfrentadas en Perú. Mientras un par de entidades exigen proteger la vida e integridad de estas poblaciones vulnerables, como establece la ley, otras tres aprueban nuevas actividades de exploración sísmica y perforación de pozos en el Lote 88 del complejo gasífero de Camisea, que abarca un 23% de la reserva.

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