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Letter of complaint to Round Table on Sustainable Palm Oil (RSPO) from indigenous Butaw Kru tribes and inhabitants from several local communities within the proposed Golden Veroleum 220,000 ha oil palm concession in Liberia, October 2012

29 October, 2012

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Summary of Evidence to Support RSPO Complaint by Liberian Communities Affected by Land Clearance and Planting by Golden Veroleum by John Nelson, Africa Regional Coordinator, Forest Peoples Programme

Supplementary Testimonial Evidence to Support the RSPO Complaint by Liberian Communities Affected by Land Clearance and Planting by Golden Veroleum by Tom Lomax, Lawyer, Forest Peoples Programme

Letter from FPP and FERN requesting release of community members arrested in Golden Veroleum palm oil development areas. This is a letter from FPP and FERN requesting the immediate release of community members from Sinoe County in Liberia who have been put in jail for resisting against the confiscation of their lands by Golden Veroleum for their palm oil development, which expresses grave concerns over the reports of serious harassment, threats and oppressive intimidation on the part of police and other State agents, including arbitrary arrest and detention of local community leaders from Butaw community in Sinoe County, Republic of Liberia.

Letter from RSPO to Golden Veroleum re complaint, 13 December 2012

The Forest Trust's Independent Assessment of Free, Prior and Informed Consent Process carried out by Golden Veroleum (Liberia) Inc., February 2013 

Letter from RSPO to Golden Veroleum re complaint, 4 February 2013

Letter from Alfred Brownell (Green Advocates) to RSPO Complaints Manager, 6 February 2013

Proposed solutions and technical questions submitted to RSPO Complaints Panel in relation to ongoing complaint (FPP, Green Advocates, SESDev, SAMFU, SDI), 1 November 2013

Update 12 February 2013: The RSPO has issued its interim assessment of the situation as regards GVL/GAR and communities in Sinoe County. We understand that the communities will be responding to the RSPO's interim assessment within the next two weeks, and we assume that the RSPO's final conclusions and recommendations will also be based on the evidence and assessment of the TFT team who were contracted by the company (GVL/ GAR) and the community (through their legal representatives) to carry out an independent assessment of the situation, including issues related to environmental and social impacts and to how meaningful any FPIC processes may or may not have been.