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The experience of Asian indigenous peoples with the finance lending policies of international financial institutions: A select overview

29 April, 2013

Woman living on the Nakai Plateau, Laos. More than 120,000 people are directly affected by the Nam Theun 2 financed by the ADB

Projects and programme interventions of multilateral development banks have a record of systematic and widespread human rights violations for indigenous peoples in Asia. In many countries, indigenous peoples have been subjected to widespread displacement and irreversible loss of traditional livelihoods. Behind these human rights violations is the denial of indigenous peoples’ rights to their lands, territories and resources and to their right to give their free, prior and informed consent (FPIC) to projects and programme interventions, including those in the name of sustainable development and human development. Among them, the large infrastructure (dams and highway construction) and environmental “conservation” projects have had the most detrimental adverse impacts on indigenous peoples. There are a good number of examples of such projects that have negatively impacted indigenous peoples’ communities in Asian countries, some of which follow below.

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FPP E-Newsletter Special Edition on Safeguards, April 2013 (PDF Version)

Forest Peoples Programme

29 April, 2013

FPP E-Newsletter Special Edition on Safeguards, April 2013

As multiple international agencies adopt and update their social and environmental policies, this special edition Forest Peoples Programme E-Newsletter reviews experiences of communities and civil society with the safeguard policies of various international financial institutions. 

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Indigenous peoples & World Bank projects: A community guide to the World Bank's Indigenous Peoples Policy (OP/BP 4.10)

Forest Peoples Programme

1 May, 2008

Indigenous Peoples & World Bank Projects. A Community Guide to the World Bank's Indigenous Peoples Policy (OP/BP 4.10)

Clear, illustrated guide by FPP explaining key provisions of the World Bank's safeguard policy on Indigenous Peoples. Drawn from FPP's own reading of the policy's mandatory requirements, the guide aims to inform affected peoples, their representative organisations and supporters about the policy. It explains how to improve, monitor, question or challenge Bank projects if affected communities consider the Bank is not following its own rules and has not respected the communities' rights.

This guide is available to download here:

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Indigenous peoples and the World Bank: Experiences with participation

Tom Griffiths

1 July, 2005

Indigenous peoples and the World Bank

This highly critical paper finds that despite the World Bank's increased rhetoric about indigenous peoples' participation in its programmes and a growing number of consultations about its policies, participation is still limited.

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World Bank Round Table Discussion of Indigenous Representatives and the World Bank on the Revision of the World Bank’s Indigenous Peoples Policy - Summary Report

Mónica Castelo for the Forest Peoples Programme

18 October, 2002

Summary report of Round Table Discussion held at World Bank Headquarters, Washington, DC 17-18 October 2002

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Concerns about the revision of the World Bank Policy on Indigenous Peoples - Briefing paper

Forest Peoples |Programme

7 October, 2002

This briefing aims to:

  • Outline the safeguard provisions of the World Bank's existing Indigenous Peoples Policy (OD4.20)
  • Provide a background to the World Bank's revision of its Indigenous Peoples Policy
  • Highlight the substative concerns of indigenous peoples regarding the March 2001 draft revised policy (Draft OP/BP4.10) and their criticisms of the revision process.

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Statement of Indigenous Participants at the Consultation on the World Bank's Draft Policy on Indigenous Peoples (OP/BP 4.10) - Dhaka, Bangladesh

14 November, 2001

This statement was jointly issued by representatives of the National Adivasi Coordination Committee, Bangladesh Adivasi Forum, Hill Tracts NGO Forum, Committee for the Protection of Forest and Land Rights in the Chittagong Hill Tracts, Hill Women's Federation, Rakhain Development Foundation, Mro Social Council, Tripura Kalyan Foundation, Khashia Students’ Association, Bawm Social Council, Trinamul Unnayan Sangstha, Zabarang Kalyan Samiti, Abima Garo Youth Association (AGYA), Society for Environment & Human Development (SEHD) and Taungya, and included representatives of the Bawm, Chakma, Garo, Khasi, Marma, Mro, Rakhain, Santal, Tanchangya and Tripura peoples from different parts of Bangladesh. The list of signatories is annexed hereto.

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Universal rights or a universe unto itself? Indigenous peoples' human rights and the World Bank's Draft Operational Policy 4.10 on indigenous peoples

Fergus Mackay

1 November, 2001

FPP article also published in American University International Law Review Vol 17, No 3

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