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Enough is Enough - Stop the continued arrests and evictions of Sengwer forest indigenous peoples from their ancestral lands in Embobut Forest

30 March, 2016

In a letter to President Uhuru Kenyatta, the Sengwer call [on the President] to "stop the continued arrests and evictions of our Sengwer forest indigenous peoples from our ancestral lands (our community land) in Kaptirpai, Koropkwen and Kapkok glades in Embobut forest. We want our rights to live in, govern, manage and own our ancestral lands in the glades of Embobut forest recognized, secured, respected and protected in law, working hand in hand with state agencies to ensure effective and efficient conservation and protection of forests, water, wildlife and other natural resources therein". 

"We are not just traditional forest dwellers. We are modern law-abiding citizens interested in Kenya becoming a modern state and tackling massive forest degradation through modern means. We have made it repeatedly clear that we will abide fully by conservation conditions and work with KFS and KWS as our technical advisers. We have pledged so many times to be the guardians of these precious protected areas on behalf of the nation, to never allow a single natural tree to be cleared. We have our own governance structures and by-laws to protect the way co- exist with conservation as we pursue our traditional economies and lifestyles sustainably."

The Sengwer conclude that they "look forward for actions that will promote conservation while recognizing and protecting our rights as Sengwer peoples to live sustainably in our ancestral lands in Kapkok, Koropkwen and Kaptirpai glades of Embobut forest with close supervision by state agencies"

 Sengwer Forest Indigenous Peoples of Embobut Forest